Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The New & Improved

♥ Hey all you lovely bloggers out there! I guess its about time to update everything! Im terribly sorry that i havent posted a blog lately! I have just been sooo busy here lately. So that means i have TONS & TONS of new things to mention, & TONS of pictures of brooklyn, etc.

--> Okayy, so first off im going to say that things have been going GREAT! I know that ive mentioned in my past posts that i've been looking for a job & desperate to figuring out what i'm going to go to school for. Well i FINALLY found me a job!!! Its nothing special, or big [especially the pay =/ ] but hey, its a start & i am NOT complaining! I LOVE the job as well! Its at a new local coffee shop that opened up in august. There are only 5 employees (including the two owners) So its nothing super fancy, but the coffee & the pastries are TO DIE FOR!!!! Everybody that comes in there, says we have the best coffee (even better than startbucks) mainly because we do our coffee differently then starbucks. I love the people, my first day, they already felt like family! Plus the costumers, are super nice too! I've only been there for about 3-4 weeks now. I'm even already getting a position to get on full time!!!! How amazing is that! Plus not to even mention that my boyfriend is [hopefully] going to get hired on full time at his work sometime at the end of this month, or the beginning of next month! So things are starting to turn around! I am SOOOO excited! I love my life right now! The hours are GREAT, [pay not so much though] ... but who cares, its MONEY!!!! :) If i go on full time & then stay there for 90 days, i get a raise ... but im not sooo much worried about that. I'm just glad to have some time out of the house for a few hours, and plus bringing home some money to slack off some of the stress around here.
*A little note to all of those out there looking desperately for a job* Dedication & motivation will get you a job! I went out searching for 5 days [day & night!!!] going to EVERY business i could find, filling out application after application, on paper & online, & it led me to the job i have today. So don't worry, do whatever it takes to get you motivated and it will soon pay off! My motivation was my family, mainly my daughter!

--> School on the otherhand, im still a little worried i wont figure out what my calling in life is. It takes awhile for some people, but hopefully i find out soon. I dont want to be one of those "teen parents" that drop out of college [or high school] so i'm definitely going to go to college, but i want to figure out for what first, before i actually get in there, & then suddenly want to change my career choice. Thats something that i will have to dig deeper into.

--> But basically, thats all i really have to tell you guys, things have just been going great since my last post. I'll try a little harder to keep you all updated more! Now that i have finally settled down & everythings setting into place.
But i hope you all didn't miss me too much lol. Now enjoy some WONDERFUL pictures of my beautiful,growing & learning baby girl.... who is now ALMOST 19 months old [on the 15th of novemeber!!!]

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fall Is In The Air!

♥ Hey loves! Its a sunday morning [almost noon] Its quiet in the house today, brooklyn stayed the night at my friends house with her little brother [hes around the same age as brooklyn, they're 'boyfriend & girlfriend' so he says lol] My friend amber said they're having a BALL! :) My babygirl is growing up SOO fast, it was her first actual sleepover with a friend. It was super weird waking up & trying to creep around the house [as if brooklyn was in her room asleep] whenever shes not even here lol. Things are going great around here lately... My boyfriend got a new truck & everything. Me & Brooklyn have been bonding whenever hes at work... I tell people all the time that shes starting to hit that 'super clingy stage' when actually i think its me being the one thats clingy. I guess its just a mother thing :) Theres nothing really going on these days, since my last post. Still same o same o. My best friend is in town [from utah] so hopefully i get to see her sometime soon before she goes back home! So until next time bloggers! :)


Thursday, September 8, 2011

This Is The Hardest Part

♥ Hey loves! Soo last night was the first night of weaning brooklyn off her bottle [cold turkey]. I wasn't a happy camper, & you best believe she wasn't either. She screamed & screamed & screamed! Til she finally cried herself to sleep :( I cried a little bit myself. Today, she fell straight to sleep with just her sippy. Me [thinking that tonight would be easier than last night]. Well at this very second. Brooklyn is SCREAMING her heart out while trying to cry at the same time. ITS AWFUL! I'm tempted to just take her a nice warm bottle, but that just means that i've broken my wall. I've learned that the longer you wait to wean, means the harder it is for you & your baby! I HATE THIS! I hate hearing my baby scream & cry. But i keep telling myself that it's going to get easier. Lesson #1 Wean your baby the earliest that you can. Lesson #2 stay strong!!! LOL which is definitely my weakness at this point.

--> On another note, i've been looking for a job [possibly nights]. Since i just started to receive money through youtube, i'm going to wait & see how much my check is monthly! :) So far i've made a good hunk of change this month. Things have been going slow with my avon so i'm just thinking about paying off my deposit, & then quitting, because it seems like i pay more than i actually earn. And that's never fun when you actually need the money, instead of spending it. ALSO i found out that one of my friends is PREGNANT!!!! How crazy is that!? She is going to be such a WONDERFUL mother! :) I remember when we were little, talking about how we were going to plan our babies at the same time, so they can grow as best friends as they got older lol. Boy, when you look back at the old days, it makes you wonder why you were in such a rush to grow up! Growing up is NOT as i thought it would be! LOL

That's pretty much all i have to blog about!

Monday, August 29, 2011

What A Beautiful Day!!

♥ So, today has just been the perfect summer day! The weather has been nice out for the past 2 weeks & i just can't get enough of it! Today; Me & an old friend went out walking with our babies. She has a one month old son. We used to walk EVERY day & night back in the day. Usually i don't want to go walking because either it's too hot, or i don't want to walk by myself considering it can get a little boring without talking to someone besides a baby who is still learning to talk! Things have calmed down A LOT since my last post. Sorry if it was hard to try & keep up with what i was talking about lol. We've gotten a lot of good news since then. My boyfriend is working a new job! I have become partners with youtube! & just everything has become a little bit better (stress wise of course). Here lately, i have actually been thinking about my education future. I'm considering in taking classes to become an ultrasound technician. Whether or not it actually happens is a different story though. I have asked some of my friends/family if they know anything about it. I have gotten some good responses & some that just might change my mind. I've heard that once i graduate in that course, then it'll be super hard to find a job afterwards. I'm not big on doing much in the medical field (considering i am extremely squeamish...) but after being pregnant, ultrasounds just really seem to catch my attention, from something that i would REALLY love to pursue my education in, like marine biology or astronomy! hahah. But considering i live in the country, none of that would be a possibility. But im still trying to take all of my education in consideration of what i'm really going to do.

♥ Brooklyn has REALLY grown up! Shes talking up a storm (some words you understand, but most not so much) She's officially in a toddler bed; Bye Bye crib! She's almost 17 months old- on the 15th of september. She's becoming harder to keep up with, & not to mention, she needs her BANGS TRIMMED! I never thought i would see the day when i actually had to watch my baby girl grow up. I guess it's just because i never want to see her grow up! I love her to death! Now i know how my parents felt; PAYBACK! But it's got to happen some day.

♥So i really have nothing more to blog about! So FOLLOW ME! Below will be recent pictures of brooklyn. KEEP SAFE :) ♥always

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Life As We Know It

♥ I've had the worst & longest week/weekend of my life! I'm not going to go into detail, but lets just say my car insurance; not going to be cheap anymore! So much family drama. Hannah (one of my friends) have stayed almost a whole week at my house. I loved the company :) But other than that, nothing has really happened. I've put in another application in at hometown pizza (they're actually hiring) but still no phone call no nothing! Why can't anything good happen just once here lately, i would really appreciate it! LOL;; Brooklyn has been growing up like a weed! Shes understanding everything now! Really have to watch our language (she's already copied one minor cuss word) So thats work in progress. I love the weather this past week, hopefully it stays like this til fall gets here! I can't wait, i love the outfits of fall! :) But i also love summer because you can just chill outside (unlike this summer & last, it's been WAY TOO hot). Brooklyn is finally down for a nap, & im bored once again! I can't explain how much i want a job! I hope god decides to push something my way. All of my friends had their first day of college today, like my last post i am left out of the circle. My boyfriend gets off work at 4:00, i can't wait to see him. I miss him a lot more than i usually do. :( I love my friends & my family so much! I dont know what i would do without them! Im sorry if this post is a little out of order & i just talk about one thing, then about another! LOL my brain has been like this (literally) for a few days now, & prolly will be til i get everything straightened out. I have a package thats in the mail, but it takes 2-3 weeks to recieve it (considering its coming from china) & im getting very impatient. Im not going to tell what it is until i get them!! Right now, im so scatter brained, that i think im going to leave all you blogger readers out there on the edge... I will definitely post more blogs whenever my mind is not so scattered! LOL

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Me & My Babygirl!

Me & My Friend Hannah :)

Me & Hannah :)

Me & Hannah :)

Don't ask cause i dont even know! LOL Being dumbb!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Can't Decide

♥ Here lately, Ive been thinking upon my upcoming future. Don't ask why, cause i don't even know why. The main part of my thinking is my education. I know that education gets you FAR in life, but what about those who haven't went to college & yet still have a wonder career? What about those who know exactly what they want to be in life? Yet I'm one of the few that still have exactly NO idea on what i want to pursue in my future. "What do you want to do after high school?" is the question i hear almost everyday. Yet my answer is always "i have no idea" making myself feel completely useless. I've accomplished a lot of things in life that some people can't. I carried a child my whole junior year of high school, yet still got great grades & actually completed high school like it was nothing. All my friends are going to college to be a doctor or a nurse or something in that matter. My mom always tried to talk me into nursing. But I'm absolutely TOO squeamish to even THINK about that field. I'm out of school now, so what should i do? I've completely hit a dead end. I want absolutely the BEST for my daughter. I want my little family's life to be soo much easier. I want to feel that great relief knowing that i will have a planned future that will make everything seem so much better. Will i ever have that feeling knowing that i still have NO idea want i want to do? People always ask that question "So what are you going to do now that you've graduated" & my answer being "i have no clue" they look at me like I'm the bad guy, like i haven't done enough & i just want to take a break. So many people today have NEVER seen what college is like & yet have a great career & still have time for life on the side. I want to experience college, but knowing that i have a life besides education, brings me down. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE my life, but i just want to do something with my life that doesn't consist of me sitting at home, knowing that i can do something about it. My plans are to skip a year before starting college, (i have motivation to actually do it) but i just want some answers on what to go for. In the elementary days, we'd always have a career day to dress up & go to school looking like whatever we wanted to be whenever we grew up. I was always the outcast, as if i didn't want to be anything in the future. (Walking into school looking as if it was just a normal school day.) The truth is, i didn't know then, will i ever know? I've just been SO puzzled on how i want my life to turn out. Of course i want the easy way, but who doesn't. It's not like i know that college or whatever isn't going to be easy, but i want a challenge. Nobody can tell me what i want to do, but can somebody please help me out? There's SO many things that i love, like psychology, or marine biology, or something to do with the earth. But like i can really go to school for stuff like that? This is reality. I know my expectations & none of those fields are even CLOSE to what i can do. Oh Amanda, you can do anything if you set your mind to it. ... Yeah right. I've set my mind to too many things in my life, i try & try & try & i get absolutely nothing out of it. So how bout we come back to reality here. There's nothing better that knowing that you have a set career, or knowing that you can do what you know you can do. But what about those who know they can TRY & give 100% but never fully succeed? I'm still young; but time here lately, has just been flying by. Before you know it, Brooklyn will be in school & i'll still be sitting here at home, doing what i am now. And i don't want that. I want something better. Something that can change my life. Something like a job, or a full on career. Am i ever going to know what i truly want to do in life?

xoxo Amanda

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Just Living My Life

♥ Soo ive pretty much been thinking about my future here lately... Here hopefully in a few days, my boyfriend will start a new job (im not going to say anymore considering i dont want to jinx it) ... on that note; if he does, it will be 2nd shift. If he starts 2nd shift, that means he will be working 4pm to 1am. That means that i can maybe find a job that will let me work shifts in the morning, & then come home so he can go to work... Hopefully we can work that out. I got teased by a job the other day. My aunt said that they needed help at the town day care up the road from where i live, she talked like i would get the job, all i had to do was go up there & talk to the owner (which is my friends grandmother, so i know her pretty good) but no sooner than i show up & tell her what i was there for, she comes out & says... "Oh honey im sorry! i've already found somebody for the job." What a LET down seriously! i was looking forward to doing that too! But oh well, guess it wasnt really my calling! Hopefully if my boyfriend gets the job, then everything will just come out. But we'll have to wait & see.. Things have been going pretty good, same as the last post.. Brooklyn has just been getting SOO much bigger! Ive missed the days when she was little... er hahah It doesnt seem like she should be turning 17 months old! I hate this... This time in 4 years, she will be starting her first day of kindergarten. That day is going to KILL me.
♥ Avon has been going okay, i guess. I had a little trouble trying to send in my first payment without a debit or credit card. Other than that, its going okay. Its pretty crazy how it seems like you spend more than you earn.... Is that supposed to happen? Oh well, guess i'll have to wait & see how it goes.... Its been soo crazy hot outside here lately. I just can barely stand to go outside anymore!
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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Just A Couple Of Things!

♡ Hey everyone! Its been awhile since I've posted a blog. I haven't really been busy just keep forgetting to post. But its all good. So here lately, its just been soo hot! Its outrageous! I don't even want to take Brooklyn outside or anything. Its like you still sweat when your in the pool. I'm super glad that my mom decided to watch Brooklyn for us last night. I actually got to get out of the house & just chill & not worry about anything. It felt amazing! Me & my boyfriend decided to go to the county fair & just hang out with some friends & ride some rides & even watched the tractor & truck pull. I had tons of fun, wish Brooklyn could have gone. I just didn't want to take her out & make her sweat when she can barely ride any rides. Hopefully next year when she's bigger, it won't be so scorching hot outside & then we can all go & have fun as a family! She would have so much fun! Summer is almost over & I've been meaning to get Brooklyn to the zoo, its just been way too hot.
♡ Last week, I finally have my website up for avon. I just have to customize it so it looks professional! When I finally get it up & going ill let everyone know! This past weekend has been super fun. Me & my boyfriend have been loving the grand theft auto game lately. That's my favorite game of all time! Seems like whenever we get bored of watching tv, the games are our first alternative. Right now I'm watching my boyfriend play, I love staying up super late. Haven't done it in like 2 years! Surprising how time flies & how things can change dramatically. I love how my life has turned out! I still have a bunch of new adventures & challenges ahead of me, & people thought that having Brooklyn would slow me down. No. That's just more motivation.
♡ Well I think I have ranted enough, just was checking in!

<3 always xoxo

Friday, July 15, 2011

Beautiful Summer Day!

♡ Hey everybody! I'm sitting here bored to death. Today is just a beautiful summer day! It's bright & sunny, not too hot, not too humid. Yesterday was a great day too! There was a nice quiet breeze & everything! Brooklyn's napping so it's quiet around here, once she gets up, shes going to eat a snack, & then probably going to head outside for some play time! :D It's friday & i'm actually hoping that i can talk my boyfriend into finding a babysitter, then maybe just have a night out considering the past two weekends we tried having a weekend to just hang out; two weekends ago i was SOO sick i couldn't move (possibly the three day flu) & then last weekend, my boyfriend had to get what i had. So it kind of backfired once we tried to relax. I'm in a GREAT mood, & im just hoping when my boyfriend gets home, he is too! I hate when he comes home, tired & just not wanting to joke around or anything, puts me & him both in a bad mood :( But anyways, i was walking in walmart the other night with Brooklyn and my boyfriend when i noticed they had the school supplies aisle crammed packed with people! All i could think to myself was, "Wow, i'm soo glad i don't have to do that anymore!" Then i started to think how close it is to school starting back & how weird it will feel when i don't have to wake up anymore just to get ready for school! I will love that feeling when that day comes!
♡ So the other day, Brooklyn finally busted her nose! :( It bled, and bled, and bled. If you know me personally, you will know that i am EXTREMELY squemish! I hate the thought of blood, even the sight of a paper cut! Thank GOD that it didn't break her nose. You can only imagine my reaction when i saw the blood..... I cried & cried, longer than she did actually. She only cried for maybe 5 minutes. She somehow tripped over her own foot & smacked into my dresser. I felt horrible! :( Now she has a big scratch on her nose.
♡ So i made my decision on selling avon. I'm going through with it. My boyfriend's sister (who is my upline) is coming over tomorrow for my meeting (i think that's what shes coming for?) but hopefully this time i won't get jipped on my money & now that i have a bank account, things will go much smoother than the last time. I haven't heard anything back from hometown pizza about my application, so i'll probably go in sometime this weekend to put in another one! hahaha i know the manager pretty well but everyone tells me to just keep putting applications in til i hear back, so that's what i'm going to do! So my laptop has been acting up on me lately, so i need someone to help me with restoring it! It didn't come with a restore disk so my older brother said that if it didn't come with a restore disk then it should give you the option to do so. Well i need to find that option. I saved all my important files like my pictures & everything, that way i dont have to worry about losing them, & i already have all my music on CDs. So hopefully my laptop will run much better once i find out how to find that restore option. If you know how to, then please let me know. I have a HP if that makes any difference.
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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Whats Next?

♡ Hey guys! I just got home from picnic in the park. It was the same as every other year, but it was nice to get out of the house, & let Brooklyn explore a little bit. I can NOT believe that i forgot my camera in the vehicle! UGH makes me soo MAD! But the fireworks were loud, Brooklyn loved them, except they scared her. Poor baby. Last year, she was only 4 months old & she slept through the WHOLE thing. Surprised me! So i decided to fill out an application to a resturant (the only resturant in my town) which is hometown pizza. But its filled out and ready to be turned in tomorrow! So hopefully i hear something back. Or something, cause im bout to go crazy! I can just walk there so i guess im going to have to find a dependable neighbor to babysit until i actually have durable transportation. Everybody keeps tellin me, "Amanda, why don't you just fill out an application to hometown? You can just walk to work." Well to answer everybodies questions; what about Brooklyn? How am i supposed to get her to the babysitter (which is family). Family is the only dependable babysitting that i have, (mainly because it's free) but they also get to spend time with Brooklyn cause they don't get to see her alot anymore now that im out of school. But i guess if i have a job and also sell me some avon, then i'll be making some progress that i need. I'm getting too attached to Brooklyn, i start to feel guilty whenever i leave her with her grandparents for even 3 hours. I hate being away from her. But i DO need some time away, this is getting to be WAYYY too overwhelming for me. Don't get me wrong i love being a mother, but even 'older' mothers have to go out and blow off some steam & stress every now and then. I was the kind of person who NEVER wanted to be at home, i always had to be out with friends, even if it meant watching movies at their place. I hated being stuck at home doing a whole lot of nothing. Now that i have responsibilty, its like whenever i get the chance to go out, i don't want to leave the house. I don't know whats going on with me. Hopefully some miracle will happen & i'll get a good job & find a cheap babysitter that i can trust. I need all the help i can get here lately.
♡ But anywho, its a saturday night, Brooklyns tucked tight in bed, so that just means a nice curl on the couch watching TV with my perfect boyfriend :) Come monday, i'm going to the bank to talk about opening a bank account so i can start my avon business again. I have a LOT to do, but im so scatter brained! I don't know what to do first. I hate to be such a downer and a negative nancy, but i doubt i'll get the call from Hometown. So i'm not giving up on doing whatever i can to get me some cash. If anybody has any ideas, please let me know. So far, on my idea list i have;; application to hometown pizza, selling avon, and selling items on ebay & babysitting. So if you have any ideas, please comment and let me know. Im a mother in distress! Well i thought i would do a quick blog before i hit the sheets. Hope everybody has a great night!

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Friday, July 8, 2011

A Little Bit Of Nothin

♡ I can't even explain how boring it is around here. I blame my mother for telling me that if I clean the house, that my boredom would go away. Yeah, she must have been crazy! Cleaning is just as boring as sitting around. I could take Brooklyn outside to play in her pool, but for some reason I don't trust the sunblock I put on her. Yesterday I put spf 50 sunblock on her, even waited 15 minutes after applying it to put her in the water. After about 10-15 min later, she's already starting to get red. Getting her out & taking her back inside the house is a complete NIGHTMARE! She screams bloody murder!! She's getting older & smarter every minute. She's starting to know what she wants & when she wants it. Weaning her off the bottle is still a complete FAIL. Although she has seem to forgotten about it during the day, bedtime is a completely different story. She's almost 15 months old. I've always been told that weaning a baby from the bottle is the hardest thing to do. Never really believed anybody, thought Brooklyn would breeze right on through it. I was wrong. Very very wrong! Hahaha

♡ My friend from school, has experienced a loss. Her father has suffered enough these past couple months. Although we entered high school, we lost touch. I remember my 7th grade year of middle school, her dad helped me fish out my first & HUGE catfish. Its made me realize that the older I get, the more time with my family & friends become more precious. I'm honestly not scared of death for myself, just of others. People don't realize what they have until its gone. Kind of a scary thought.
♡ Depressing much? Anyways. I know I've been talking a lot lately about selling avon again. Well I've done my thinking & I think I've made a decision. I'm going to do it. Seems like you spend more money than you get, but I did have some spare cash when I sold it the first time. I'm also still looking for anyone (locally) that's looking for a babysitter, & I'm also still considering about making an ebay store to sell baby items that Brooklyns outgrown, or don't use anymore. Everybody tells me to get a job, I would if I had a way to get there. But finding a job while at home is tough. Nothing can hurt just finding some extra cash on the side. I want to find a job, but if I did I'd have no way there, & if I find a job here in town I could walk to, how would I get brooklyn to the babysitter? Its hard when you have no transportation & a child. People think that its easy when it comes to staying home all day every day takin care of a baby. But truth is, you start to go nuts & insane. I hate this. I have a feeling that its gonna be like this for the rest of my life, & if that's the case then I'm gonna wind up in a nut house! But hopefully I can change that up sometime soon!

♡ Also don't forget that if you have me on facebook I have some baby items up for sell, message me if your interested.

Xoxoxo <3 always amanda

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Horrible Weekend

♡Hey everybody; I know its been a few days since I've posted (I think...) But I would have some good pictures of my fourth of july weekend but something weird happened . For some weird reason, saturday my lovely boyfriend took me out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse, & had a blast (so I thought). Well I get home & I could barely move. I had body aches, a major headache that lasted for 72 hours, my throat hurt so bad that every time I tried to swallow it felt like I was trying to swallow a softball, it felt like my ear drums were trying to pop out of my head, I couldn't sleep at all during the night. I cried my eyes out I was feeling so awful, it hurt to even take a shower. I ran a fever of 101.5, I broke it 5 or 6 times though. What was so weird though, is that it lasted from saturday night, till monday night. Now I'm doing 98% better. My throat is still kind of sore. My lovely boyfriend took care of me! I would roll over at 3 in the mornin g & ask him to get me some medicine cause I couldn't move. He's such a sweetheart :) Plus he took care of me & Brooklyn both over the weekend! He cleaned up the house a little bit & cooked supper & everything for me. People thought I had the flu or even strep, I just hope its all over with! I don't even think I've ever had the flu. I guess I kind of got lucky, I was really tempted to go to the emergency room cause I felt so bad. I feel really bad though cause I ruined my boyfriends weekend that he wanted to have. We was going to go ride around & just watch random people's fireworks, but I could barely move from the couch to use the restroom. He wanted to do something so bad. This weekend though, is supposed to be picnic in the park (huge firework show in our local park that linda bruckhiemer puts on) so we're definitely going to have our fourth of july weekend! If I get sick again this weekend, oh well. I'm going anyways, I haven't missed a year so far (that I can remember) & its not going to start this year. Well my parents are out of town, they went on vacation to Tennessee, along with my little brother. They've been gone since saturday morning, so I hope they're having fun & being careful with those crazy drivers & people down there! I wanna go to the beach, I've never been, never been on vacation so I want to know what the big deal about the beach is!! Ahaha I would love laying out in the sun, & playing in the ocean water! My dream vacation! But its never gonna happen, so anyways.
♡Here lately I've noticed that Brooklyn has really been growing! Not really as in size wise, but in learning wise. She's a smart ~almost~ 15 month old. It just doesn't seem right that she should be knowing the stuff that she does. Its crazy how fast they grow up. It upsets me that my baby girl is growing up so fast! I love her! She's like my best friend. I hope that whenever she gets older, I'm her go-to person. Kind of like her best friend.

Hahaha yeah like she would want to be best friends with her mom! Saturday I took her to the doctor to check out these bug bites that were on her legs. They looked liked chiggers at first, but then they started to turn into blister like.

But the doc said that it was sure enough just bug bites (which made me fell a lot better). Well guess that sums it up for this post.

Don't forget;;; If you have me on Facebook, I have made an album of baby items that I'm selling. I'm still thinking about making an ebay store, & all that good stuff, still haven't decided if I want to sell avon again yet, hopefully I figure it out soon though. Pictures & prices are in the caption on Facebook. If your interested, message me & we'll talk from there. If they wasn't such big items, then I wouldn't mind selling them to anybody nationwide, but I really don't have the money to spend on boxes to ship them in. So just if your wondering. Thank you & hope everybody had a great Fourth Of Ju ly weekend!

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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hoping For A Miracle

*Hey Everybody. Things have been better since my last entry. My "cabin fever" has slowly gotten better. I found a way to concentrate my mind a lot better; Super Mario Wii. You would think that Brooklyn would keep me busy & up on my feet, well when she gets her belly full & a nice diaper change, her mind is set nothing but on playing with her toys (she's easily amused). Plus she gets a kick at watching me play! Yesterday I heard some good news. A woman had told my boyfriend last week that a guy was selling his wife's car (who has passed on) & whenever I went to pick him up from work (Friday) we had looked at it. Well yesterday, the woman had told my boyfriend that there's nothing wrong with the car except that it needs a brake change, its just that he doesn't want to drive his wife's car. He's selling it for a GREAT price. So she said she would talk to the man about going to look at it (close up) on saturday... So hopefully everything goes well in that department!! Saturday, we're also going to talk to our previous landlord about some other apartments that are for rent to go look at. Let's face it, we can't live in my grandmothers house too much longer, their just going to have to sell it sooner or later anyways. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE living here, but my boyfriend wants to move out of family ties & back into our own world again. Which is much more peaceful. He's always moved where ever I wanted to, so I just want to make sure he's happy too. On another note;; Yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL summer day, perfect weather. Brooklyn & I walked to the bank, then we ran into my dad & he decided to give us a ride back home. After that we spent some time with my daddy & my little brother. A short while after we got home, my boyfriend comes in from work & believe it or not he bought me Pink Roses!!!! & for no reason what so ever! If you know my boyfriend personally, he's not that type of guy! :) I just didn't know what to say. I actually felt like I was important! :D. I need something to happen, not just anything but something fun, I haven't got to go out & just blow off some steam ever since graduation weekend. I miss my friends sometimes. I haven't been out in a while that I would feel guilty leaving Brooklyn behind, I would love to bring her along but I just need a break, at least just for a night. Mommy needs a break. Things are just getting so stressful & I don't have anything to be stressing over! I want to go on vacation, out of state for maybe just a weekend. Take some of my friends. I would hate to leave my baby girl behind though! That's a thing about having a child, it makes u feel guilty when u want to go out & blow off some steam. I really want a job but then again I want to stay home till Brooklyn gets a little bit older.
*So I've been considering selling avon again, to pick up at least a few extra bucks since my babysitter hunting isn't turning out that great. I HATE avon considering they jipped me out of my money (over 200$) but it did give me some money to work with. People say that money doesn't matter, well they need to wake up & smell some life cause in this century, money is your survival. I'm also considering creating an ebay store, since I have a few items to sell that Brooklyn doesn't need or use anymore. I still have my pictures on facebook if your interested in baby items. Guess I don't have much left to blog about. So don't forget to follow me!

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cabin Fever & What It Does

*Hey guys, i know that i haven't posted a blog in a few days, been really busy, plus my internet has been out due to electric problems the other day. Things have been pretty good, been taking Brooklyn to my church Vacation Bible School. She didn't get to go last night though, mainly because we weren't home at all yesterday and she was so tired. She would've been super cranky and everything. Yesterday we had to get up at 5:30 to take my boyfriend to work almost 20 miles away, then me and Brooklyn had a doctors appt. then we came home for 20 minutes to get something to eat, then had to leave again to take her to the babysitter then i had a female dr appt. at 1:30. Then after that appt, i had to go pick Brooklyn up, then had to run all the way back to my boyfriends work to pick him up. Trust me, the drive isn't pretty at all, takes about 30-40 minutes to get there. After we picked him up, we went grocery shopping. After we get home, my boyfriend decides that he wants to go frog giggin. He didn't even ask me if i had plans, or if i wanted to do anything with him first. Didnt even say bye, just walked out the door... I'm telling you, i'm about to go CRAZY in this house. I've been here 3 weeks and a day without going out, doing anything, with my boyfriend or my 'so called' friends. I've been here 24/7 with a cranky, sickish (was sick) wild, won't slow down for anything... baby. Last night, i got so upset that i couldn't do anything I don't know why, but i just broke down. I believe i have finally understood the definition of CABIN FEVER. I was thinking crazy thoughts, i was saying crazy things, i had a screaming baby who didn't want to go to sleep. I was about to lose my mind! I haven't seen or spent time with my boyfriend in over a week, because when he got home from work, i had to leave for VBS, whenever we have a night to spend time together for the weekend before he works his butt off, he decides to take off to frog gig. I'm soo lonely. Nobody to really talk to, nobody to really spend time with. My own daughter don't even wanna hug or kiss me anymore. Seems like i just can't do anything right. Its not fair! Being stuck in this house with NO way out is like being taken for hostage. I have NO car to go anywhere, to do anything! I know thats all i've been talking about for a week or so, but a car would be nice; just knowing that i can leave the house would make me feel better. But knowing that i CAN'T go nowhere, is the worst feeling ever. I don't complain i don't whine, i don't cry about how my life is. I wish it would be like to movies, the girl has a rough way to go and in the end she gets rewarded for her effort. Life's not like that at all.

-->By the way, i might have found a woman up the road that would let me babysit her three kids (heard she pays good) so hopefully i get a call later on today! Wish me luck!
Oh and P.S. If you have me on facebook, i will be posting up some pictures of baby items that im selling, that Brooklyn doesn't need or will never use, or haven't used, etc. So go check those pics out and let me know if your interested!

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I'm Nothing But Tired

*Yesterday. I wasn't home for more than 20-30 minutes. I woke up about 11 am, then me & Brooklyn had to get ready to go to mcdonalds with my boyfriends mom & his two nieces. We left here at noon. Got something to eat, ate at the park & then played for a little bit. Brooklyn played in the dirt, mud, sand everything! Had it all over her & i can't stand a dirty baby haha (wish i had taken pictures.) So after we got home, i laid Brooklyn down for a nap, then jumped in the shower. After i got out it was already 3:00. So i decided to wake Brooklyn up & head down to the bank (they closed at 4) & put the rest of my money in a savings account! So my money is safe & isn't going to be touched unless i absolutely need it. The walk (which isn't about 10 min walk) was not fun! I had Brooklyn in a huge stroller pushing it up hills & downhills & it was just a mess! Even though i do need the exercise. But anyways, by the time we get home, it was 4:30 and as soon as i get into the door, my boyfriend shows up. So after i got everything put away & got Brooklyn a little snack. It was 5:00 which i had to get me & Brooklyn ready for VBS (Vacation Bible School.) at my boyfriends mom's church. It was Brooklyn's first VBS experience. & she was a tad cranky & irritable, but i could tell she was having a blast! I always had fun at VBS when i was little. It was a mess though. Jr's niece (youngest;2 almost 3) was in Brooklyn's class. Brooklyn was the youngest. So Brooklyn wasn't minding me at all, i was a helper in her class. & boy can i tell you i was WORE out by the time it was all over, running around after 6 1-3 year olds is a JOB!!!! It was outrageous!

There was one little boy who just took off running in the parking lot when we took the kids out to play. The lady chasing him was getting aggravated! hahaha. She had to warm up to the jumping and singing at first during song time! But tonight i think we're going to go to my church's VBS (theirs is this week too) that way me & Brooklyn can just switch off churchs everynight.

She had a blast! When we got home, Brooklyn was WORE out. She literally passed out before i even got her to her crib!!
After i put her to bed, i got the chance to make my sweetie pie, his father's day supper. Pork chops, corn & mashed potatoes. They were good! By the time i got to get in bed, my feet & my legs were killing me. The most i have done all summer pretty much. hahaha. That's why i never got to post a blog up yesterday! Thats pretty much all i have to blog about! Hope everybody is doing good.... OH!!! & i almost forgot!

-->If you live in my local area (and you know me personally) then let people know that i have considered to do a babysitting job (at my house). That way i can still work & make money but i can still be with Brooklyn all day, plus it would help her on her sharing skills (which we need to work on majorly!) & it would give her someone to play with during the day. So if you or anyone else you know is looking for a babysitter, please contact me on facebook. If you know me personally then you will probably be a friend of mine on facebook. So PLEASE PLEASE let me know!!! I'm in desperate need of a job!! :) Thank you!

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

*Hope all the fathers out there had a good fathers day! :) I really didn't have the chance to make that special home cooked meal tonight. But on the other hand i had a pretty great day. Got to sleep in til noon then got up & got ready for my brothers cookout at 2. Brooklyn had a blast there! Plus their new place is AMAZING! Just makes me want a place of my own... but that day will someday come... i hope haha. Brooklyn would not stop running around in circles, plus she ate a ton of food!

I had a ton of fun today. Well after we got done at my brothers cookout, we went to my boyfriends mom & dads to see his dad for awhile! I was about to pass out i was so tired... Im gonna sleep good tonight & so is Brooklyn. Poor thing is worn out from playing. She hasn't had a nap all day except for maybe a 20 minute nap on the way to my boyfriends mom & dad's.
-->So tomorrow when i get the time, me & Brooklyn are going to walk to the bank, & the money that i have left of my graduation money, is going into a savings account, & maybe i can save up enough money the next couple months to think about getting me a car, then get a job. Hopefully that would solve a lot of my problems when it comes to worrying if & when i need to go out & run some errands. This summer has just been a BORING summer especially with no car throughout the whole day. Thats all i can think about after i graduated! Its crazy. But i don't know what else to blog about.... So like i said i hope everybody had a GREAT fathers day! Cherish the moments while you have them...

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Not Feeling The Best

*I woke up at noon today. Not feeling the greatest. My head feels like its going to explode! My ears hurt, my throat is scratchy, im super tired, congested, runny/stuffy nose and i feel like pulling my eyes out because of the sting in my eyes when i blink or close my eyes. Sinus infection? Maybe. But i've never had one (that i can remember) so i dont know what it's like. My boyfriend is getting on me for not cleaning the house and just being lazy today. Well im sorry that i DONT feel good at all.
Anyways, so tomorrows fathers day :) We're going to my brothers new house for a cookout for my daddy (yes i still call him daddy)! I don't know where i would be today in life if it wasn't for my dad.

I love him :) So speaking of Daddy's Day ... Im planning on making a home cooked supper for my lover! I hope he likes it! Right now Jr's mowing, after he gets done, me & him are gonna go out to chili's & grab some food. Baby Back Ribs!? I think so :) Ribs is my favorite food on the planet. Brooklyn's sleeping at the moment, she went to bed at 7:30 pm last night! & woke up at her usual time (10:00) Shes done that a couple times now. Makes me so proud :) Poor thing, i dont think shes feeling well today either. I'm kind of pumped for my brothers cookout tomorrow! Gonna take TONS of pictures. I love cookouts, especially during the summer. Just hope its not too hot outside. Right now im drinking alka seltzer & its absolutely gross! But at least my stomach ache is going away. Thats pretty much all i have to blog about for today!

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Friday, June 17, 2011

It Isn't Over Yet

*Today is just a long day, & its not every noon yet! Well i took Brooklyn to the dr this morning. She just has a nasty cold :( so they gave her some medicine to stop the coughing & the runny nose. So hopefully that will make her 100x better :) After her drs appt i went shopping & got a new outfit! :) Then after that me & Brooklyn went to burger king & i got her some lunch, she loves her kid meals :) On the way to my moms work early this morning, i gave Brooklyn her book to read in the car.. ha well it was the cutest thing ive seen

-->So lastnight Me, Nathan (Little Brother) & My boyfriend was playing volleyball outside. After i put Brooklyn to bed, i went back outside to continue playing. After my little brother went home, it all of a sudden decided to get dark. So we turned the back porch light on. Well right when i was going to pass the ball back to my boyfriend, my engagement ring decided it wanted to fly off my finger. I cried & cried thinking that i was never gonna see it again (mainly because it was my boyfriends mom's engagement ring & its been in the family ever since). Well when i got home today, i gave Brooklyn her medicine, laid her down for a nap, then went straight out to look for my ring... No luck. Well i got a bright idea to call my dad to see if we could use his metal detector to find it. My dad started looking & found my RING!!!! i was sooo excited! :D So i can't wait to tell the new to my Boyfriend whenever he calls on his lunch break :D My day is still not done. I have to go to my insurance place & update all my information, then have to go back to pick up my mom from work (since ive used her car all day) So hopefully it wears me out to the point where i sleep GREAT tonight :) Sunday we're heading to one of my older brothers new house for a cookout for THE BEST DADDY IN THE WORLD :) Sooo i think thats all i have to talk about...

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rest Of My Life

So this morning, i wake up to Brooklyn coughing her head off :( she had a runny nose for almost 2 weeks & ive done everything that i can to help make it stop. Here these past couple days shes had a lot of crud in her throat. Well i've been giving her breathing treatments hoping that it would help. Nothing. So i would absolutely LOVE to take her to the doctor but guess what? I have absolutely NO WAY to get her there. I have no vehicle to take my child to the doctor in desperate need. Parents? Working. Aunts? Busy. Boyfriend? Working. So i have to settle for waiting til tomorrow to get my daughter to the doctor & use my mothers car. It makes me SO mad that i have no job, no car when i need them the most! I was really about to start calling up my friends & ask them to take us. But i don't want to be such a mooch. Am i really gonna have to mooch off my friends & family for the rest of my life? I don't want to! I ALWAYS said that once i move out on my own that i will NEVER depend on other people for anything, & that i could do it on my own. Well i was WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE depending on OTHER people to go out of their way just for me, when i should be able to do it all on my own. I HATE it! I really dont wanna do this forever! Anybody have ANY ideas??? Or advice? i would really appreciate it! :/

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hey Guys!

Hey everyone!
*Just so you know this isn't really my first blog post, just deleted all my old ones so i can start fresh & get new people to follow & read :)
*So things have been really crazy these past couple weeks, but this past week & 1/2 its really calmed down alot. I've graduated (June 3rd;; Class of 2011!) & i've been home this past week & 1/2 alone with Baby Brooklyn & shes really became a HUGE momma's girl. More spoilt than ever :/ I really really want to start looking for a job. But i know how hard it would be with sharing a vehicle & finding ways to get brooklyn to the baby sitter & finding ways to work, so i think my best bet; is to wait til this fall & start putting my applications in & hope for the best. The money that i have earned from graduation is soon going to the bank (after i do some much needed shopping lol) & im gonna try to put it in a savings account & hope that it draws a lot of intrest (unless they make me get a bank account :/ which is something that i don't really need) but other than that idk what else to do with that money, save up money so i can get a job & make some more money.
--> On the other hand; I've really been lonely these past couple days. My boyfriend is working double (when he can) so all i have is a baby who sleeps all the time :( I really want to start saving up money for a car or something cuz im just a bout to blow up with insanity of sitting at home all day everyday. Is this really how it's going to be for the rest of my life? I'm deffently going to get a job & go to school (next year) & hopefully i'll figure out what i really want to do with the rest of my life. Until then.. I don't know!

But this is about all i have to blog about :) So follow me! hahaha