Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Horrible Weekend

♡Hey everybody; I know its been a few days since I've posted (I think...) But I would have some good pictures of my fourth of july weekend but something weird happened . For some weird reason, saturday my lovely boyfriend took me out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse, & had a blast (so I thought). Well I get home & I could barely move. I had body aches, a major headache that lasted for 72 hours, my throat hurt so bad that every time I tried to swallow it felt like I was trying to swallow a softball, it felt like my ear drums were trying to pop out of my head, I couldn't sleep at all during the night. I cried my eyes out I was feeling so awful, it hurt to even take a shower. I ran a fever of 101.5, I broke it 5 or 6 times though. What was so weird though, is that it lasted from saturday night, till monday night. Now I'm doing 98% better. My throat is still kind of sore. My lovely boyfriend took care of me! I would roll over at 3 in the mornin g & ask him to get me some medicine cause I couldn't move. He's such a sweetheart :) Plus he took care of me & Brooklyn both over the weekend! He cleaned up the house a little bit & cooked supper & everything for me. People thought I had the flu or even strep, I just hope its all over with! I don't even think I've ever had the flu. I guess I kind of got lucky, I was really tempted to go to the emergency room cause I felt so bad. I feel really bad though cause I ruined my boyfriends weekend that he wanted to have. We was going to go ride around & just watch random people's fireworks, but I could barely move from the couch to use the restroom. He wanted to do something so bad. This weekend though, is supposed to be picnic in the park (huge firework show in our local park that linda bruckhiemer puts on) so we're definitely going to have our fourth of july weekend! If I get sick again this weekend, oh well. I'm going anyways, I haven't missed a year so far (that I can remember) & its not going to start this year. Well my parents are out of town, they went on vacation to Tennessee, along with my little brother. They've been gone since saturday morning, so I hope they're having fun & being careful with those crazy drivers & people down there! I wanna go to the beach, I've never been, never been on vacation so I want to know what the big deal about the beach is!! Ahaha I would love laying out in the sun, & playing in the ocean water! My dream vacation! But its never gonna happen, so anyways.
♡Here lately I've noticed that Brooklyn has really been growing! Not really as in size wise, but in learning wise. She's a smart ~almost~ 15 month old. It just doesn't seem right that she should be knowing the stuff that she does. Its crazy how fast they grow up. It upsets me that my baby girl is growing up so fast! I love her! She's like my best friend. I hope that whenever she gets older, I'm her go-to person. Kind of like her best friend.

Hahaha yeah like she would want to be best friends with her mom! Saturday I took her to the doctor to check out these bug bites that were on her legs. They looked liked chiggers at first, but then they started to turn into blister like.

But the doc said that it was sure enough just bug bites (which made me fell a lot better). Well guess that sums it up for this post.

Don't forget;;; If you have me on Facebook, I have made an album of baby items that I'm selling. I'm still thinking about making an ebay store, & all that good stuff, still haven't decided if I want to sell avon again yet, hopefully I figure it out soon though. Pictures & prices are in the caption on Facebook. If your interested, message me & we'll talk from there. If they wasn't such big items, then I wouldn't mind selling them to anybody nationwide, but I really don't have the money to spend on boxes to ship them in. So just if your wondering. Thank you & hope everybody had a great Fourth Of Ju ly weekend!

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