Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Just A Couple Of Things!

♡ Hey everyone! Its been awhile since I've posted a blog. I haven't really been busy just keep forgetting to post. But its all good. So here lately, its just been soo hot! Its outrageous! I don't even want to take Brooklyn outside or anything. Its like you still sweat when your in the pool. I'm super glad that my mom decided to watch Brooklyn for us last night. I actually got to get out of the house & just chill & not worry about anything. It felt amazing! Me & my boyfriend decided to go to the county fair & just hang out with some friends & ride some rides & even watched the tractor & truck pull. I had tons of fun, wish Brooklyn could have gone. I just didn't want to take her out & make her sweat when she can barely ride any rides. Hopefully next year when she's bigger, it won't be so scorching hot outside & then we can all go & have fun as a family! She would have so much fun! Summer is almost over & I've been meaning to get Brooklyn to the zoo, its just been way too hot.
♡ Last week, I finally have my website up for avon. I just have to customize it so it looks professional! When I finally get it up & going ill let everyone know! This past weekend has been super fun. Me & my boyfriend have been loving the grand theft auto game lately. That's my favorite game of all time! Seems like whenever we get bored of watching tv, the games are our first alternative. Right now I'm watching my boyfriend play, I love staying up super late. Haven't done it in like 2 years! Surprising how time flies & how things can change dramatically. I love how my life has turned out! I still have a bunch of new adventures & challenges ahead of me, & people thought that having Brooklyn would slow me down. No. That's just more motivation.
♡ Well I think I have ranted enough, just was checking in!

<3 always xoxo

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