Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Just A Couple Of Things!

♡ Hey everyone! Its been awhile since I've posted a blog. I haven't really been busy just keep forgetting to post. But its all good. So here lately, its just been soo hot! Its outrageous! I don't even want to take Brooklyn outside or anything. Its like you still sweat when your in the pool. I'm super glad that my mom decided to watch Brooklyn for us last night. I actually got to get out of the house & just chill & not worry about anything. It felt amazing! Me & my boyfriend decided to go to the county fair & just hang out with some friends & ride some rides & even watched the tractor & truck pull. I had tons of fun, wish Brooklyn could have gone. I just didn't want to take her out & make her sweat when she can barely ride any rides. Hopefully next year when she's bigger, it won't be so scorching hot outside & then we can all go & have fun as a family! She would have so much fun! Summer is almost over & I've been meaning to get Brooklyn to the zoo, its just been way too hot.
♡ Last week, I finally have my website up for avon. I just have to customize it so it looks professional! When I finally get it up & going ill let everyone know! This past weekend has been super fun. Me & my boyfriend have been loving the grand theft auto game lately. That's my favorite game of all time! Seems like whenever we get bored of watching tv, the games are our first alternative. Right now I'm watching my boyfriend play, I love staying up super late. Haven't done it in like 2 years! Surprising how time flies & how things can change dramatically. I love how my life has turned out! I still have a bunch of new adventures & challenges ahead of me, & people thought that having Brooklyn would slow me down. No. That's just more motivation.
♡ Well I think I have ranted enough, just was checking in!

<3 always xoxo

Friday, July 15, 2011

Beautiful Summer Day!

♡ Hey everybody! I'm sitting here bored to death. Today is just a beautiful summer day! It's bright & sunny, not too hot, not too humid. Yesterday was a great day too! There was a nice quiet breeze & everything! Brooklyn's napping so it's quiet around here, once she gets up, shes going to eat a snack, & then probably going to head outside for some play time! :D It's friday & i'm actually hoping that i can talk my boyfriend into finding a babysitter, then maybe just have a night out considering the past two weekends we tried having a weekend to just hang out; two weekends ago i was SOO sick i couldn't move (possibly the three day flu) & then last weekend, my boyfriend had to get what i had. So it kind of backfired once we tried to relax. I'm in a GREAT mood, & im just hoping when my boyfriend gets home, he is too! I hate when he comes home, tired & just not wanting to joke around or anything, puts me & him both in a bad mood :( But anyways, i was walking in walmart the other night with Brooklyn and my boyfriend when i noticed they had the school supplies aisle crammed packed with people! All i could think to myself was, "Wow, i'm soo glad i don't have to do that anymore!" Then i started to think how close it is to school starting back & how weird it will feel when i don't have to wake up anymore just to get ready for school! I will love that feeling when that day comes!
♡ So the other day, Brooklyn finally busted her nose! :( It bled, and bled, and bled. If you know me personally, you will know that i am EXTREMELY squemish! I hate the thought of blood, even the sight of a paper cut! Thank GOD that it didn't break her nose. You can only imagine my reaction when i saw the blood..... I cried & cried, longer than she did actually. She only cried for maybe 5 minutes. She somehow tripped over her own foot & smacked into my dresser. I felt horrible! :( Now she has a big scratch on her nose.
♡ So i made my decision on selling avon. I'm going through with it. My boyfriend's sister (who is my upline) is coming over tomorrow for my meeting (i think that's what shes coming for?) but hopefully this time i won't get jipped on my money & now that i have a bank account, things will go much smoother than the last time. I haven't heard anything back from hometown pizza about my application, so i'll probably go in sometime this weekend to put in another one! hahaha i know the manager pretty well but everyone tells me to just keep putting applications in til i hear back, so that's what i'm going to do! So my laptop has been acting up on me lately, so i need someone to help me with restoring it! It didn't come with a restore disk so my older brother said that if it didn't come with a restore disk then it should give you the option to do so. Well i need to find that option. I saved all my important files like my pictures & everything, that way i dont have to worry about losing them, & i already have all my music on CDs. So hopefully my laptop will run much better once i find out how to find that restore option. If you know how to, then please let me know. I have a HP if that makes any difference.
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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Whats Next?

♡ Hey guys! I just got home from picnic in the park. It was the same as every other year, but it was nice to get out of the house, & let Brooklyn explore a little bit. I can NOT believe that i forgot my camera in the vehicle! UGH makes me soo MAD! But the fireworks were loud, Brooklyn loved them, except they scared her. Poor baby. Last year, she was only 4 months old & she slept through the WHOLE thing. Surprised me! So i decided to fill out an application to a resturant (the only resturant in my town) which is hometown pizza. But its filled out and ready to be turned in tomorrow! So hopefully i hear something back. Or something, cause im bout to go crazy! I can just walk there so i guess im going to have to find a dependable neighbor to babysit until i actually have durable transportation. Everybody keeps tellin me, "Amanda, why don't you just fill out an application to hometown? You can just walk to work." Well to answer everybodies questions; what about Brooklyn? How am i supposed to get her to the babysitter (which is family). Family is the only dependable babysitting that i have, (mainly because it's free) but they also get to spend time with Brooklyn cause they don't get to see her alot anymore now that im out of school. But i guess if i have a job and also sell me some avon, then i'll be making some progress that i need. I'm getting too attached to Brooklyn, i start to feel guilty whenever i leave her with her grandparents for even 3 hours. I hate being away from her. But i DO need some time away, this is getting to be WAYYY too overwhelming for me. Don't get me wrong i love being a mother, but even 'older' mothers have to go out and blow off some steam & stress every now and then. I was the kind of person who NEVER wanted to be at home, i always had to be out with friends, even if it meant watching movies at their place. I hated being stuck at home doing a whole lot of nothing. Now that i have responsibilty, its like whenever i get the chance to go out, i don't want to leave the house. I don't know whats going on with me. Hopefully some miracle will happen & i'll get a good job & find a cheap babysitter that i can trust. I need all the help i can get here lately.
♡ But anywho, its a saturday night, Brooklyns tucked tight in bed, so that just means a nice curl on the couch watching TV with my perfect boyfriend :) Come monday, i'm going to the bank to talk about opening a bank account so i can start my avon business again. I have a LOT to do, but im so scatter brained! I don't know what to do first. I hate to be such a downer and a negative nancy, but i doubt i'll get the call from Hometown. So i'm not giving up on doing whatever i can to get me some cash. If anybody has any ideas, please let me know. So far, on my idea list i have;; application to hometown pizza, selling avon, and selling items on ebay & babysitting. So if you have any ideas, please comment and let me know. Im a mother in distress! Well i thought i would do a quick blog before i hit the sheets. Hope everybody has a great night!

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Friday, July 8, 2011

A Little Bit Of Nothin

♡ I can't even explain how boring it is around here. I blame my mother for telling me that if I clean the house, that my boredom would go away. Yeah, she must have been crazy! Cleaning is just as boring as sitting around. I could take Brooklyn outside to play in her pool, but for some reason I don't trust the sunblock I put on her. Yesterday I put spf 50 sunblock on her, even waited 15 minutes after applying it to put her in the water. After about 10-15 min later, she's already starting to get red. Getting her out & taking her back inside the house is a complete NIGHTMARE! She screams bloody murder!! She's getting older & smarter every minute. She's starting to know what she wants & when she wants it. Weaning her off the bottle is still a complete FAIL. Although she has seem to forgotten about it during the day, bedtime is a completely different story. She's almost 15 months old. I've always been told that weaning a baby from the bottle is the hardest thing to do. Never really believed anybody, thought Brooklyn would breeze right on through it. I was wrong. Very very wrong! Hahaha

♡ My friend from school, has experienced a loss. Her father has suffered enough these past couple months. Although we entered high school, we lost touch. I remember my 7th grade year of middle school, her dad helped me fish out my first & HUGE catfish. Its made me realize that the older I get, the more time with my family & friends become more precious. I'm honestly not scared of death for myself, just of others. People don't realize what they have until its gone. Kind of a scary thought.
♡ Depressing much? Anyways. I know I've been talking a lot lately about selling avon again. Well I've done my thinking & I think I've made a decision. I'm going to do it. Seems like you spend more money than you get, but I did have some spare cash when I sold it the first time. I'm also still looking for anyone (locally) that's looking for a babysitter, & I'm also still considering about making an ebay store to sell baby items that Brooklyns outgrown, or don't use anymore. Everybody tells me to get a job, I would if I had a way to get there. But finding a job while at home is tough. Nothing can hurt just finding some extra cash on the side. I want to find a job, but if I did I'd have no way there, & if I find a job here in town I could walk to, how would I get brooklyn to the babysitter? Its hard when you have no transportation & a child. People think that its easy when it comes to staying home all day every day takin care of a baby. But truth is, you start to go nuts & insane. I hate this. I have a feeling that its gonna be like this for the rest of my life, & if that's the case then I'm gonna wind up in a nut house! But hopefully I can change that up sometime soon!

♡ Also don't forget that if you have me on facebook I have some baby items up for sell, message me if your interested.

Xoxoxo <3 always amanda

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Horrible Weekend

♡Hey everybody; I know its been a few days since I've posted (I think...) But I would have some good pictures of my fourth of july weekend but something weird happened . For some weird reason, saturday my lovely boyfriend took me out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse, & had a blast (so I thought). Well I get home & I could barely move. I had body aches, a major headache that lasted for 72 hours, my throat hurt so bad that every time I tried to swallow it felt like I was trying to swallow a softball, it felt like my ear drums were trying to pop out of my head, I couldn't sleep at all during the night. I cried my eyes out I was feeling so awful, it hurt to even take a shower. I ran a fever of 101.5, I broke it 5 or 6 times though. What was so weird though, is that it lasted from saturday night, till monday night. Now I'm doing 98% better. My throat is still kind of sore. My lovely boyfriend took care of me! I would roll over at 3 in the mornin g & ask him to get me some medicine cause I couldn't move. He's such a sweetheart :) Plus he took care of me & Brooklyn both over the weekend! He cleaned up the house a little bit & cooked supper & everything for me. People thought I had the flu or even strep, I just hope its all over with! I don't even think I've ever had the flu. I guess I kind of got lucky, I was really tempted to go to the emergency room cause I felt so bad. I feel really bad though cause I ruined my boyfriends weekend that he wanted to have. We was going to go ride around & just watch random people's fireworks, but I could barely move from the couch to use the restroom. He wanted to do something so bad. This weekend though, is supposed to be picnic in the park (huge firework show in our local park that linda bruckhiemer puts on) so we're definitely going to have our fourth of july weekend! If I get sick again this weekend, oh well. I'm going anyways, I haven't missed a year so far (that I can remember) & its not going to start this year. Well my parents are out of town, they went on vacation to Tennessee, along with my little brother. They've been gone since saturday morning, so I hope they're having fun & being careful with those crazy drivers & people down there! I wanna go to the beach, I've never been, never been on vacation so I want to know what the big deal about the beach is!! Ahaha I would love laying out in the sun, & playing in the ocean water! My dream vacation! But its never gonna happen, so anyways.
♡Here lately I've noticed that Brooklyn has really been growing! Not really as in size wise, but in learning wise. She's a smart ~almost~ 15 month old. It just doesn't seem right that she should be knowing the stuff that she does. Its crazy how fast they grow up. It upsets me that my baby girl is growing up so fast! I love her! She's like my best friend. I hope that whenever she gets older, I'm her go-to person. Kind of like her best friend.

Hahaha yeah like she would want to be best friends with her mom! Saturday I took her to the doctor to check out these bug bites that were on her legs. They looked liked chiggers at first, but then they started to turn into blister like.

But the doc said that it was sure enough just bug bites (which made me fell a lot better). Well guess that sums it up for this post.

Don't forget;;; If you have me on Facebook, I have made an album of baby items that I'm selling. I'm still thinking about making an ebay store, & all that good stuff, still haven't decided if I want to sell avon again yet, hopefully I figure it out soon though. Pictures & prices are in the caption on Facebook. If your interested, message me & we'll talk from there. If they wasn't such big items, then I wouldn't mind selling them to anybody nationwide, but I really don't have the money to spend on boxes to ship them in. So just if your wondering. Thank you & hope everybody had a great Fourth Of Ju ly weekend!

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