Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The New & Improved

♥ Hey all you lovely bloggers out there! I guess its about time to update everything! Im terribly sorry that i havent posted a blog lately! I have just been sooo busy here lately. So that means i have TONS & TONS of new things to mention, & TONS of pictures of brooklyn, etc.

--> Okayy, so first off im going to say that things have been going GREAT! I know that ive mentioned in my past posts that i've been looking for a job & desperate to figuring out what i'm going to go to school for. Well i FINALLY found me a job!!! Its nothing special, or big [especially the pay =/ ] but hey, its a start & i am NOT complaining! I LOVE the job as well! Its at a new local coffee shop that opened up in august. There are only 5 employees (including the two owners) So its nothing super fancy, but the coffee & the pastries are TO DIE FOR!!!! Everybody that comes in there, says we have the best coffee (even better than startbucks) mainly because we do our coffee differently then starbucks. I love the people, my first day, they already felt like family! Plus the costumers, are super nice too! I've only been there for about 3-4 weeks now. I'm even already getting a position to get on full time!!!! How amazing is that! Plus not to even mention that my boyfriend is [hopefully] going to get hired on full time at his work sometime at the end of this month, or the beginning of next month! So things are starting to turn around! I am SOOOO excited! I love my life right now! The hours are GREAT, [pay not so much though] ... but who cares, its MONEY!!!! :) If i go on full time & then stay there for 90 days, i get a raise ... but im not sooo much worried about that. I'm just glad to have some time out of the house for a few hours, and plus bringing home some money to slack off some of the stress around here.
*A little note to all of those out there looking desperately for a job* Dedication & motivation will get you a job! I went out searching for 5 days [day & night!!!] going to EVERY business i could find, filling out application after application, on paper & online, & it led me to the job i have today. So don't worry, do whatever it takes to get you motivated and it will soon pay off! My motivation was my family, mainly my daughter!

--> School on the otherhand, im still a little worried i wont figure out what my calling in life is. It takes awhile for some people, but hopefully i find out soon. I dont want to be one of those "teen parents" that drop out of college [or high school] so i'm definitely going to go to college, but i want to figure out for what first, before i actually get in there, & then suddenly want to change my career choice. Thats something that i will have to dig deeper into.

--> But basically, thats all i really have to tell you guys, things have just been going great since my last post. I'll try a little harder to keep you all updated more! Now that i have finally settled down & everythings setting into place.
But i hope you all didn't miss me too much lol. Now enjoy some WONDERFUL pictures of my beautiful,growing & learning baby girl.... who is now ALMOST 19 months old [on the 15th of novemeber!!!]