Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fall Is In The Air!

♥ Hey loves! Its a sunday morning [almost noon] Its quiet in the house today, brooklyn stayed the night at my friends house with her little brother [hes around the same age as brooklyn, they're 'boyfriend & girlfriend' so he says lol] My friend amber said they're having a BALL! :) My babygirl is growing up SOO fast, it was her first actual sleepover with a friend. It was super weird waking up & trying to creep around the house [as if brooklyn was in her room asleep] whenever shes not even here lol. Things are going great around here lately... My boyfriend got a new truck & everything. Me & Brooklyn have been bonding whenever hes at work... I tell people all the time that shes starting to hit that 'super clingy stage' when actually i think its me being the one thats clingy. I guess its just a mother thing :) Theres nothing really going on these days, since my last post. Still same o same o. My best friend is in town [from utah] so hopefully i get to see her sometime soon before she goes back home! So until next time bloggers! :)


Thursday, September 8, 2011

This Is The Hardest Part

♥ Hey loves! Soo last night was the first night of weaning brooklyn off her bottle [cold turkey]. I wasn't a happy camper, & you best believe she wasn't either. She screamed & screamed & screamed! Til she finally cried herself to sleep :( I cried a little bit myself. Today, she fell straight to sleep with just her sippy. Me [thinking that tonight would be easier than last night]. Well at this very second. Brooklyn is SCREAMING her heart out while trying to cry at the same time. ITS AWFUL! I'm tempted to just take her a nice warm bottle, but that just means that i've broken my wall. I've learned that the longer you wait to wean, means the harder it is for you & your baby! I HATE THIS! I hate hearing my baby scream & cry. But i keep telling myself that it's going to get easier. Lesson #1 Wean your baby the earliest that you can. Lesson #2 stay strong!!! LOL which is definitely my weakness at this point.

--> On another note, i've been looking for a job [possibly nights]. Since i just started to receive money through youtube, i'm going to wait & see how much my check is monthly! :) So far i've made a good hunk of change this month. Things have been going slow with my avon so i'm just thinking about paying off my deposit, & then quitting, because it seems like i pay more than i actually earn. And that's never fun when you actually need the money, instead of spending it. ALSO i found out that one of my friends is PREGNANT!!!! How crazy is that!? She is going to be such a WONDERFUL mother! :) I remember when we were little, talking about how we were going to plan our babies at the same time, so they can grow as best friends as they got older lol. Boy, when you look back at the old days, it makes you wonder why you were in such a rush to grow up! Growing up is NOT as i thought it would be! LOL

That's pretty much all i have to blog about!