Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fall Is In The Air!

♥ Hey loves! Its a sunday morning [almost noon] Its quiet in the house today, brooklyn stayed the night at my friends house with her little brother [hes around the same age as brooklyn, they're 'boyfriend & girlfriend' so he says lol] My friend amber said they're having a BALL! :) My babygirl is growing up SOO fast, it was her first actual sleepover with a friend. It was super weird waking up & trying to creep around the house [as if brooklyn was in her room asleep] whenever shes not even here lol. Things are going great around here lately... My boyfriend got a new truck & everything. Me & Brooklyn have been bonding whenever hes at work... I tell people all the time that shes starting to hit that 'super clingy stage' when actually i think its me being the one thats clingy. I guess its just a mother thing :) Theres nothing really going on these days, since my last post. Still same o same o. My best friend is in town [from utah] so hopefully i get to see her sometime soon before she goes back home! So until next time bloggers! :)


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