Monday, August 29, 2011

What A Beautiful Day!!

♥ So, today has just been the perfect summer day! The weather has been nice out for the past 2 weeks & i just can't get enough of it! Today; Me & an old friend went out walking with our babies. She has a one month old son. We used to walk EVERY day & night back in the day. Usually i don't want to go walking because either it's too hot, or i don't want to walk by myself considering it can get a little boring without talking to someone besides a baby who is still learning to talk! Things have calmed down A LOT since my last post. Sorry if it was hard to try & keep up with what i was talking about lol. We've gotten a lot of good news since then. My boyfriend is working a new job! I have become partners with youtube! & just everything has become a little bit better (stress wise of course). Here lately, i have actually been thinking about my education future. I'm considering in taking classes to become an ultrasound technician. Whether or not it actually happens is a different story though. I have asked some of my friends/family if they know anything about it. I have gotten some good responses & some that just might change my mind. I've heard that once i graduate in that course, then it'll be super hard to find a job afterwards. I'm not big on doing much in the medical field (considering i am extremely squeamish...) but after being pregnant, ultrasounds just really seem to catch my attention, from something that i would REALLY love to pursue my education in, like marine biology or astronomy! hahah. But considering i live in the country, none of that would be a possibility. But im still trying to take all of my education in consideration of what i'm really going to do.

♥ Brooklyn has REALLY grown up! Shes talking up a storm (some words you understand, but most not so much) She's officially in a toddler bed; Bye Bye crib! She's almost 17 months old- on the 15th of september. She's becoming harder to keep up with, & not to mention, she needs her BANGS TRIMMED! I never thought i would see the day when i actually had to watch my baby girl grow up. I guess it's just because i never want to see her grow up! I love her to death! Now i know how my parents felt; PAYBACK! But it's got to happen some day.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Life As We Know It

♥ I've had the worst & longest week/weekend of my life! I'm not going to go into detail, but lets just say my car insurance; not going to be cheap anymore! So much family drama. Hannah (one of my friends) have stayed almost a whole week at my house. I loved the company :) But other than that, nothing has really happened. I've put in another application in at hometown pizza (they're actually hiring) but still no phone call no nothing! Why can't anything good happen just once here lately, i would really appreciate it! LOL;; Brooklyn has been growing up like a weed! Shes understanding everything now! Really have to watch our language (she's already copied one minor cuss word) So thats work in progress. I love the weather this past week, hopefully it stays like this til fall gets here! I can't wait, i love the outfits of fall! :) But i also love summer because you can just chill outside (unlike this summer & last, it's been WAY TOO hot). Brooklyn is finally down for a nap, & im bored once again! I can't explain how much i want a job! I hope god decides to push something my way. All of my friends had their first day of college today, like my last post i am left out of the circle. My boyfriend gets off work at 4:00, i can't wait to see him. I miss him a lot more than i usually do. :( I love my friends & my family so much! I dont know what i would do without them! Im sorry if this post is a little out of order & i just talk about one thing, then about another! LOL my brain has been like this (literally) for a few days now, & prolly will be til i get everything straightened out. I have a package thats in the mail, but it takes 2-3 weeks to recieve it (considering its coming from china) & im getting very impatient. Im not going to tell what it is until i get them!! Right now, im so scatter brained, that i think im going to leave all you blogger readers out there on the edge... I will definitely post more blogs whenever my mind is not so scattered! LOL

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Me & My Babygirl!

Me & My Friend Hannah :)

Me & Hannah :)

Me & Hannah :)

Don't ask cause i dont even know! LOL Being dumbb!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Can't Decide

♥ Here lately, Ive been thinking upon my upcoming future. Don't ask why, cause i don't even know why. The main part of my thinking is my education. I know that education gets you FAR in life, but what about those who haven't went to college & yet still have a wonder career? What about those who know exactly what they want to be in life? Yet I'm one of the few that still have exactly NO idea on what i want to pursue in my future. "What do you want to do after high school?" is the question i hear almost everyday. Yet my answer is always "i have no idea" making myself feel completely useless. I've accomplished a lot of things in life that some people can't. I carried a child my whole junior year of high school, yet still got great grades & actually completed high school like it was nothing. All my friends are going to college to be a doctor or a nurse or something in that matter. My mom always tried to talk me into nursing. But I'm absolutely TOO squeamish to even THINK about that field. I'm out of school now, so what should i do? I've completely hit a dead end. I want absolutely the BEST for my daughter. I want my little family's life to be soo much easier. I want to feel that great relief knowing that i will have a planned future that will make everything seem so much better. Will i ever have that feeling knowing that i still have NO idea want i want to do? People always ask that question "So what are you going to do now that you've graduated" & my answer being "i have no clue" they look at me like I'm the bad guy, like i haven't done enough & i just want to take a break. So many people today have NEVER seen what college is like & yet have a great career & still have time for life on the side. I want to experience college, but knowing that i have a life besides education, brings me down. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE my life, but i just want to do something with my life that doesn't consist of me sitting at home, knowing that i can do something about it. My plans are to skip a year before starting college, (i have motivation to actually do it) but i just want some answers on what to go for. In the elementary days, we'd always have a career day to dress up & go to school looking like whatever we wanted to be whenever we grew up. I was always the outcast, as if i didn't want to be anything in the future. (Walking into school looking as if it was just a normal school day.) The truth is, i didn't know then, will i ever know? I've just been SO puzzled on how i want my life to turn out. Of course i want the easy way, but who doesn't. It's not like i know that college or whatever isn't going to be easy, but i want a challenge. Nobody can tell me what i want to do, but can somebody please help me out? There's SO many things that i love, like psychology, or marine biology, or something to do with the earth. But like i can really go to school for stuff like that? This is reality. I know my expectations & none of those fields are even CLOSE to what i can do. Oh Amanda, you can do anything if you set your mind to it. ... Yeah right. I've set my mind to too many things in my life, i try & try & try & i get absolutely nothing out of it. So how bout we come back to reality here. There's nothing better that knowing that you have a set career, or knowing that you can do what you know you can do. But what about those who know they can TRY & give 100% but never fully succeed? I'm still young; but time here lately, has just been flying by. Before you know it, Brooklyn will be in school & i'll still be sitting here at home, doing what i am now. And i don't want that. I want something better. Something that can change my life. Something like a job, or a full on career. Am i ever going to know what i truly want to do in life?

xoxo Amanda

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Just Living My Life

♥ Soo ive pretty much been thinking about my future here lately... Here hopefully in a few days, my boyfriend will start a new job (im not going to say anymore considering i dont want to jinx it) ... on that note; if he does, it will be 2nd shift. If he starts 2nd shift, that means he will be working 4pm to 1am. That means that i can maybe find a job that will let me work shifts in the morning, & then come home so he can go to work... Hopefully we can work that out. I got teased by a job the other day. My aunt said that they needed help at the town day care up the road from where i live, she talked like i would get the job, all i had to do was go up there & talk to the owner (which is my friends grandmother, so i know her pretty good) but no sooner than i show up & tell her what i was there for, she comes out & says... "Oh honey im sorry! i've already found somebody for the job." What a LET down seriously! i was looking forward to doing that too! But oh well, guess it wasnt really my calling! Hopefully if my boyfriend gets the job, then everything will just come out. But we'll have to wait & see.. Things have been going pretty good, same as the last post.. Brooklyn has just been getting SOO much bigger! Ive missed the days when she was little... er hahah It doesnt seem like she should be turning 17 months old! I hate this... This time in 4 years, she will be starting her first day of kindergarten. That day is going to KILL me.
♥ Avon has been going okay, i guess. I had a little trouble trying to send in my first payment without a debit or credit card. Other than that, its going okay. Its pretty crazy how it seems like you spend more than you earn.... Is that supposed to happen? Oh well, guess i'll have to wait & see how it goes.... Its been soo crazy hot outside here lately. I just can barely stand to go outside anymore!
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