Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Just Living My Life

♥ Soo ive pretty much been thinking about my future here lately... Here hopefully in a few days, my boyfriend will start a new job (im not going to say anymore considering i dont want to jinx it) ... on that note; if he does, it will be 2nd shift. If he starts 2nd shift, that means he will be working 4pm to 1am. That means that i can maybe find a job that will let me work shifts in the morning, & then come home so he can go to work... Hopefully we can work that out. I got teased by a job the other day. My aunt said that they needed help at the town day care up the road from where i live, she talked like i would get the job, all i had to do was go up there & talk to the owner (which is my friends grandmother, so i know her pretty good) but no sooner than i show up & tell her what i was there for, she comes out & says... "Oh honey im sorry! i've already found somebody for the job." What a LET down seriously! i was looking forward to doing that too! But oh well, guess it wasnt really my calling! Hopefully if my boyfriend gets the job, then everything will just come out. But we'll have to wait & see.. Things have been going pretty good, same as the last post.. Brooklyn has just been getting SOO much bigger! Ive missed the days when she was little... er hahah It doesnt seem like she should be turning 17 months old! I hate this... This time in 4 years, she will be starting her first day of kindergarten. That day is going to KILL me.
♥ Avon has been going okay, i guess. I had a little trouble trying to send in my first payment without a debit or credit card. Other than that, its going okay. Its pretty crazy how it seems like you spend more than you earn.... Is that supposed to happen? Oh well, guess i'll have to wait & see how it goes.... Its been soo crazy hot outside here lately. I just can barely stand to go outside anymore!
Thats pretty much all i have to blog about (sorry this isn't as long as i had hoped!) Follow ME! :)

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