Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Life As We Know It

♥ I've had the worst & longest week/weekend of my life! I'm not going to go into detail, but lets just say my car insurance; not going to be cheap anymore! So much family drama. Hannah (one of my friends) have stayed almost a whole week at my house. I loved the company :) But other than that, nothing has really happened. I've put in another application in at hometown pizza (they're actually hiring) but still no phone call no nothing! Why can't anything good happen just once here lately, i would really appreciate it! LOL;; Brooklyn has been growing up like a weed! Shes understanding everything now! Really have to watch our language (she's already copied one minor cuss word) So thats work in progress. I love the weather this past week, hopefully it stays like this til fall gets here! I can't wait, i love the outfits of fall! :) But i also love summer because you can just chill outside (unlike this summer & last, it's been WAY TOO hot). Brooklyn is finally down for a nap, & im bored once again! I can't explain how much i want a job! I hope god decides to push something my way. All of my friends had their first day of college today, like my last post i am left out of the circle. My boyfriend gets off work at 4:00, i can't wait to see him. I miss him a lot more than i usually do. :( I love my friends & my family so much! I dont know what i would do without them! Im sorry if this post is a little out of order & i just talk about one thing, then about another! LOL my brain has been like this (literally) for a few days now, & prolly will be til i get everything straightened out. I have a package thats in the mail, but it takes 2-3 weeks to recieve it (considering its coming from china) & im getting very impatient. Im not going to tell what it is until i get them!! Right now, im so scatter brained, that i think im going to leave all you blogger readers out there on the edge... I will definitely post more blogs whenever my mind is not so scattered! LOL

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Me & My Babygirl!

Me & My Friend Hannah :)

Me & Hannah :)

Me & Hannah :)

Don't ask cause i dont even know! LOL Being dumbb!

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