Monday, August 29, 2011

What A Beautiful Day!!

♥ So, today has just been the perfect summer day! The weather has been nice out for the past 2 weeks & i just can't get enough of it! Today; Me & an old friend went out walking with our babies. She has a one month old son. We used to walk EVERY day & night back in the day. Usually i don't want to go walking because either it's too hot, or i don't want to walk by myself considering it can get a little boring without talking to someone besides a baby who is still learning to talk! Things have calmed down A LOT since my last post. Sorry if it was hard to try & keep up with what i was talking about lol. We've gotten a lot of good news since then. My boyfriend is working a new job! I have become partners with youtube! & just everything has become a little bit better (stress wise of course). Here lately, i have actually been thinking about my education future. I'm considering in taking classes to become an ultrasound technician. Whether or not it actually happens is a different story though. I have asked some of my friends/family if they know anything about it. I have gotten some good responses & some that just might change my mind. I've heard that once i graduate in that course, then it'll be super hard to find a job afterwards. I'm not big on doing much in the medical field (considering i am extremely squeamish...) but after being pregnant, ultrasounds just really seem to catch my attention, from something that i would REALLY love to pursue my education in, like marine biology or astronomy! hahah. But considering i live in the country, none of that would be a possibility. But im still trying to take all of my education in consideration of what i'm really going to do.

♥ Brooklyn has REALLY grown up! Shes talking up a storm (some words you understand, but most not so much) She's officially in a toddler bed; Bye Bye crib! She's almost 17 months old- on the 15th of september. She's becoming harder to keep up with, & not to mention, she needs her BANGS TRIMMED! I never thought i would see the day when i actually had to watch my baby girl grow up. I guess it's just because i never want to see her grow up! I love her to death! Now i know how my parents felt; PAYBACK! But it's got to happen some day.

♥So i really have nothing more to blog about! So FOLLOW ME! Below will be recent pictures of brooklyn. KEEP SAFE :) ♥always

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