Saturday, June 23, 2012

New & Brighter Things

Wow, So its been awhile since my last post. Things have looked up in my direction since then :) Many things have happened, such as .... *Job* *Me & brooklyns daddy working things out* *Brooklyn turning TWO* *Got a car* *Currently looking for a new place* Things pertaining my job, you will know that i was working for a coffee shop in my town around the holidays of last year; well i decided it was time to do what was right for me & my daughter, put all the drama from my first time aside & start somewhere. Well My boss had asked me one day if i wanted to come back, so i did. But on that note, i am NOW the MANAGER!! So i am MUCH MUCH happier ... getting better pay, better hours & not too mention better experience that i can put to use later on. I am still in the looking of a side job maybe something i could do at home, selling my items isnt going very well, considering i have pretty much sold everything that i own =/ ... But i gotta do what i gotta do to keep my bank account happy :) I'm gonna be saving up my money to buy/rent another place [living with my parents is NOT working out much anymore] ... but hopefully in a few weeks, me & brooklyns daddy will have saved up enough money to do so. If you have been keeping up with my last post, me & brooklyns daddy split up back in december, but have now started to work things out. We're taking it VERY slow as of right now. Keeping it on name to name basis; i think things will work out in the end :) Every relationship has their bumps now & then, especially young relationships. Brooklyn is now TWO YEARS OLD. She turned two on april 15th which is now 26 months. Almost 27. She is just learning WAY too much, speaking PERFECTLY knows her alphabet (still in progress though) & can count to 10 (but skips 4 for some reason) ... Things are just moving WAY to fast for her. I just hope i can actually have some time to kick back & watch her learn & grow. FINALLY what i've been talking about for the past 2 years have FINALLY happened. Me owning my very own car! :D Brooklyns daddy bought me one back in march & i just cant explain how much of a relief it was. i felt much better bout my job & much better about being able to get where im goin. As i mentioned earlier about trying to save up for a new place, hopefully i can make it possible, it will take some time, but between saving up, im going to start looking for new things to add, like wall decorations & stuff. & stuff to redo brooklyns room. I cant wait to finally build up & BUY my own place.. years & years down the road of course. I just hope things like this keep going in the direction they're headed ... because i SURE LIKE IT :) Brooklyns daddy is currently in the process of getting his CDLs & looking for a job for driving, nothing over the road of course, thats for a single person . lol but thats pretty much all that's been going on, kind of alot compared to my last few posts. But im gonna post a few pics of brooklyn & I :) Hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

So Many Things....

♥ Hey guys! I know i haven't posted a blog in awhile, thought i should definitely update! Things have been turning around for the better, just like the saying "Things have to get worse, before they can get better." Its been a HARD year & its only FEBRUARY! I'm not the type of person who puts my business on blast, but i will be glad to fill you guys in. Back in the beginning of december, me & brooklyns daddy decided it was best if we separated. Yes, i know that its best if we stay together for the family, but things just bulit up over time, & we both have TONS of things to work on (for ourselves & as a relationship) So at the beginning of February, me & brooklyn had to move back in with my parents (no he did not kick us out, he moved back in with his parents as well, til he finds another place) But i think this will definitely help me with my decisions on what i need to do (better for me & brooklyn) ... When i get my tax return back, im gonna buy a car & then im gonna go from there. Im gonna go to school, & i know that i've been worried about not being able to figure out what i wanna go for, well i think i wanna go for early childhood education! I currently have no job (but im doing everything to find one) & things will just go hopefully up hill from there! So after i get everything figured out with what i wanna do to make things better for me & my daughter, then maybe me & her daddy can work things out. Til then, im just going to do what i need to do for me & Brooklyn. Im actually happier than i have been in awhile. & i feel so much better that i can focus more on me & Brooklyn. My parents have done SO much for me & brooklyn, i have no idea how i could ever repay them. They have helped me through the hard times & been there when i needed them! :)

--> Other than that, nothing really new has been happened since my last post. Brooklyn is growing up so FAST. I can NOT believe she will be two in almost 2 months!! Feels like yesterday i was still pregnant. My friend hannah is 2 months pregnant so i get to spoil another little one soon! :) I will be the godmother!! I'm excited. But other than that, it is getting late, so i should turn in for the night!

xoxoxo ♥ Mandy

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The New & Improved

♥ Hey all you lovely bloggers out there! I guess its about time to update everything! Im terribly sorry that i havent posted a blog lately! I have just been sooo busy here lately. So that means i have TONS & TONS of new things to mention, & TONS of pictures of brooklyn, etc.

--> Okayy, so first off im going to say that things have been going GREAT! I know that ive mentioned in my past posts that i've been looking for a job & desperate to figuring out what i'm going to go to school for. Well i FINALLY found me a job!!! Its nothing special, or big [especially the pay =/ ] but hey, its a start & i am NOT complaining! I LOVE the job as well! Its at a new local coffee shop that opened up in august. There are only 5 employees (including the two owners) So its nothing super fancy, but the coffee & the pastries are TO DIE FOR!!!! Everybody that comes in there, says we have the best coffee (even better than startbucks) mainly because we do our coffee differently then starbucks. I love the people, my first day, they already felt like family! Plus the costumers, are super nice too! I've only been there for about 3-4 weeks now. I'm even already getting a position to get on full time!!!! How amazing is that! Plus not to even mention that my boyfriend is [hopefully] going to get hired on full time at his work sometime at the end of this month, or the beginning of next month! So things are starting to turn around! I am SOOOO excited! I love my life right now! The hours are GREAT, [pay not so much though] ... but who cares, its MONEY!!!! :) If i go on full time & then stay there for 90 days, i get a raise ... but im not sooo much worried about that. I'm just glad to have some time out of the house for a few hours, and plus bringing home some money to slack off some of the stress around here.
*A little note to all of those out there looking desperately for a job* Dedication & motivation will get you a job! I went out searching for 5 days [day & night!!!] going to EVERY business i could find, filling out application after application, on paper & online, & it led me to the job i have today. So don't worry, do whatever it takes to get you motivated and it will soon pay off! My motivation was my family, mainly my daughter!

--> School on the otherhand, im still a little worried i wont figure out what my calling in life is. It takes awhile for some people, but hopefully i find out soon. I dont want to be one of those "teen parents" that drop out of college [or high school] so i'm definitely going to go to college, but i want to figure out for what first, before i actually get in there, & then suddenly want to change my career choice. Thats something that i will have to dig deeper into.

--> But basically, thats all i really have to tell you guys, things have just been going great since my last post. I'll try a little harder to keep you all updated more! Now that i have finally settled down & everythings setting into place.
But i hope you all didn't miss me too much lol. Now enjoy some WONDERFUL pictures of my beautiful,growing & learning baby girl.... who is now ALMOST 19 months old [on the 15th of novemeber!!!]

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fall Is In The Air!

♥ Hey loves! Its a sunday morning [almost noon] Its quiet in the house today, brooklyn stayed the night at my friends house with her little brother [hes around the same age as brooklyn, they're 'boyfriend & girlfriend' so he says lol] My friend amber said they're having a BALL! :) My babygirl is growing up SOO fast, it was her first actual sleepover with a friend. It was super weird waking up & trying to creep around the house [as if brooklyn was in her room asleep] whenever shes not even here lol. Things are going great around here lately... My boyfriend got a new truck & everything. Me & Brooklyn have been bonding whenever hes at work... I tell people all the time that shes starting to hit that 'super clingy stage' when actually i think its me being the one thats clingy. I guess its just a mother thing :) Theres nothing really going on these days, since my last post. Still same o same o. My best friend is in town [from utah] so hopefully i get to see her sometime soon before she goes back home! So until next time bloggers! :)


Thursday, September 8, 2011

This Is The Hardest Part

♥ Hey loves! Soo last night was the first night of weaning brooklyn off her bottle [cold turkey]. I wasn't a happy camper, & you best believe she wasn't either. She screamed & screamed & screamed! Til she finally cried herself to sleep :( I cried a little bit myself. Today, she fell straight to sleep with just her sippy. Me [thinking that tonight would be easier than last night]. Well at this very second. Brooklyn is SCREAMING her heart out while trying to cry at the same time. ITS AWFUL! I'm tempted to just take her a nice warm bottle, but that just means that i've broken my wall. I've learned that the longer you wait to wean, means the harder it is for you & your baby! I HATE THIS! I hate hearing my baby scream & cry. But i keep telling myself that it's going to get easier. Lesson #1 Wean your baby the earliest that you can. Lesson #2 stay strong!!! LOL which is definitely my weakness at this point.

--> On another note, i've been looking for a job [possibly nights]. Since i just started to receive money through youtube, i'm going to wait & see how much my check is monthly! :) So far i've made a good hunk of change this month. Things have been going slow with my avon so i'm just thinking about paying off my deposit, & then quitting, because it seems like i pay more than i actually earn. And that's never fun when you actually need the money, instead of spending it. ALSO i found out that one of my friends is PREGNANT!!!! How crazy is that!? She is going to be such a WONDERFUL mother! :) I remember when we were little, talking about how we were going to plan our babies at the same time, so they can grow as best friends as they got older lol. Boy, when you look back at the old days, it makes you wonder why you were in such a rush to grow up! Growing up is NOT as i thought it would be! LOL

That's pretty much all i have to blog about!

Monday, August 29, 2011

What A Beautiful Day!!

♥ So, today has just been the perfect summer day! The weather has been nice out for the past 2 weeks & i just can't get enough of it! Today; Me & an old friend went out walking with our babies. She has a one month old son. We used to walk EVERY day & night back in the day. Usually i don't want to go walking because either it's too hot, or i don't want to walk by myself considering it can get a little boring without talking to someone besides a baby who is still learning to talk! Things have calmed down A LOT since my last post. Sorry if it was hard to try & keep up with what i was talking about lol. We've gotten a lot of good news since then. My boyfriend is working a new job! I have become partners with youtube! & just everything has become a little bit better (stress wise of course). Here lately, i have actually been thinking about my education future. I'm considering in taking classes to become an ultrasound technician. Whether or not it actually happens is a different story though. I have asked some of my friends/family if they know anything about it. I have gotten some good responses & some that just might change my mind. I've heard that once i graduate in that course, then it'll be super hard to find a job afterwards. I'm not big on doing much in the medical field (considering i am extremely squeamish...) but after being pregnant, ultrasounds just really seem to catch my attention, from something that i would REALLY love to pursue my education in, like marine biology or astronomy! hahah. But considering i live in the country, none of that would be a possibility. But im still trying to take all of my education in consideration of what i'm really going to do.

♥ Brooklyn has REALLY grown up! Shes talking up a storm (some words you understand, but most not so much) She's officially in a toddler bed; Bye Bye crib! She's almost 17 months old- on the 15th of september. She's becoming harder to keep up with, & not to mention, she needs her BANGS TRIMMED! I never thought i would see the day when i actually had to watch my baby girl grow up. I guess it's just because i never want to see her grow up! I love her to death! Now i know how my parents felt; PAYBACK! But it's got to happen some day.

♥So i really have nothing more to blog about! So FOLLOW ME! Below will be recent pictures of brooklyn. KEEP SAFE :) ♥always

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Life As We Know It

♥ I've had the worst & longest week/weekend of my life! I'm not going to go into detail, but lets just say my car insurance; not going to be cheap anymore! So much family drama. Hannah (one of my friends) have stayed almost a whole week at my house. I loved the company :) But other than that, nothing has really happened. I've put in another application in at hometown pizza (they're actually hiring) but still no phone call no nothing! Why can't anything good happen just once here lately, i would really appreciate it! LOL;; Brooklyn has been growing up like a weed! Shes understanding everything now! Really have to watch our language (she's already copied one minor cuss word) So thats work in progress. I love the weather this past week, hopefully it stays like this til fall gets here! I can't wait, i love the outfits of fall! :) But i also love summer because you can just chill outside (unlike this summer & last, it's been WAY TOO hot). Brooklyn is finally down for a nap, & im bored once again! I can't explain how much i want a job! I hope god decides to push something my way. All of my friends had their first day of college today, like my last post i am left out of the circle. My boyfriend gets off work at 4:00, i can't wait to see him. I miss him a lot more than i usually do. :( I love my friends & my family so much! I dont know what i would do without them! Im sorry if this post is a little out of order & i just talk about one thing, then about another! LOL my brain has been like this (literally) for a few days now, & prolly will be til i get everything straightened out. I have a package thats in the mail, but it takes 2-3 weeks to recieve it (considering its coming from china) & im getting very impatient. Im not going to tell what it is until i get them!! Right now, im so scatter brained, that i think im going to leave all you blogger readers out there on the edge... I will definitely post more blogs whenever my mind is not so scattered! LOL

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Me & My Babygirl!

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Me & Hannah :)

Me & Hannah :)

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