Tuesday, February 21, 2012

So Many Things....

♥ Hey guys! I know i haven't posted a blog in awhile, thought i should definitely update! Things have been turning around for the better, just like the saying "Things have to get worse, before they can get better." Its been a HARD year & its only FEBRUARY! I'm not the type of person who puts my business on blast, but i will be glad to fill you guys in. Back in the beginning of december, me & brooklyns daddy decided it was best if we separated. Yes, i know that its best if we stay together for the family, but things just bulit up over time, & we both have TONS of things to work on (for ourselves & as a relationship) So at the beginning of February, me & brooklyn had to move back in with my parents (no he did not kick us out, he moved back in with his parents as well, til he finds another place) But i think this will definitely help me with my decisions on what i need to do (better for me & brooklyn) ... When i get my tax return back, im gonna buy a car & then im gonna go from there. Im gonna go to school, & i know that i've been worried about not being able to figure out what i wanna go for, well i think i wanna go for early childhood education! I currently have no job (but im doing everything to find one) & things will just go hopefully up hill from there! So after i get everything figured out with what i wanna do to make things better for me & my daughter, then maybe me & her daddy can work things out. Til then, im just going to do what i need to do for me & Brooklyn. Im actually happier than i have been in awhile. & i feel so much better that i can focus more on me & Brooklyn. My parents have done SO much for me & brooklyn, i have no idea how i could ever repay them. They have helped me through the hard times & been there when i needed them! :)

--> Other than that, nothing really new has been happened since my last post. Brooklyn is growing up so FAST. I can NOT believe she will be two in almost 2 months!! Feels like yesterday i was still pregnant. My friend hannah is 2 months pregnant so i get to spoil another little one soon! :) I will be the godmother!! I'm excited. But other than that, it is getting late, so i should turn in for the night!

xoxoxo ♥ Mandy