Friday, July 8, 2011

A Little Bit Of Nothin

♡ I can't even explain how boring it is around here. I blame my mother for telling me that if I clean the house, that my boredom would go away. Yeah, she must have been crazy! Cleaning is just as boring as sitting around. I could take Brooklyn outside to play in her pool, but for some reason I don't trust the sunblock I put on her. Yesterday I put spf 50 sunblock on her, even waited 15 minutes after applying it to put her in the water. After about 10-15 min later, she's already starting to get red. Getting her out & taking her back inside the house is a complete NIGHTMARE! She screams bloody murder!! She's getting older & smarter every minute. She's starting to know what she wants & when she wants it. Weaning her off the bottle is still a complete FAIL. Although she has seem to forgotten about it during the day, bedtime is a completely different story. She's almost 15 months old. I've always been told that weaning a baby from the bottle is the hardest thing to do. Never really believed anybody, thought Brooklyn would breeze right on through it. I was wrong. Very very wrong! Hahaha

♡ My friend from school, has experienced a loss. Her father has suffered enough these past couple months. Although we entered high school, we lost touch. I remember my 7th grade year of middle school, her dad helped me fish out my first & HUGE catfish. Its made me realize that the older I get, the more time with my family & friends become more precious. I'm honestly not scared of death for myself, just of others. People don't realize what they have until its gone. Kind of a scary thought.
♡ Depressing much? Anyways. I know I've been talking a lot lately about selling avon again. Well I've done my thinking & I think I've made a decision. I'm going to do it. Seems like you spend more money than you get, but I did have some spare cash when I sold it the first time. I'm also still looking for anyone (locally) that's looking for a babysitter, & I'm also still considering about making an ebay store to sell baby items that Brooklyns outgrown, or don't use anymore. Everybody tells me to get a job, I would if I had a way to get there. But finding a job while at home is tough. Nothing can hurt just finding some extra cash on the side. I want to find a job, but if I did I'd have no way there, & if I find a job here in town I could walk to, how would I get brooklyn to the babysitter? Its hard when you have no transportation & a child. People think that its easy when it comes to staying home all day every day takin care of a baby. But truth is, you start to go nuts & insane. I hate this. I have a feeling that its gonna be like this for the rest of my life, & if that's the case then I'm gonna wind up in a nut house! But hopefully I can change that up sometime soon!

♡ Also don't forget that if you have me on facebook I have some baby items up for sell, message me if your interested.

Xoxoxo <3 always amanda

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