Friday, July 15, 2011

Beautiful Summer Day!

♡ Hey everybody! I'm sitting here bored to death. Today is just a beautiful summer day! It's bright & sunny, not too hot, not too humid. Yesterday was a great day too! There was a nice quiet breeze & everything! Brooklyn's napping so it's quiet around here, once she gets up, shes going to eat a snack, & then probably going to head outside for some play time! :D It's friday & i'm actually hoping that i can talk my boyfriend into finding a babysitter, then maybe just have a night out considering the past two weekends we tried having a weekend to just hang out; two weekends ago i was SOO sick i couldn't move (possibly the three day flu) & then last weekend, my boyfriend had to get what i had. So it kind of backfired once we tried to relax. I'm in a GREAT mood, & im just hoping when my boyfriend gets home, he is too! I hate when he comes home, tired & just not wanting to joke around or anything, puts me & him both in a bad mood :( But anyways, i was walking in walmart the other night with Brooklyn and my boyfriend when i noticed they had the school supplies aisle crammed packed with people! All i could think to myself was, "Wow, i'm soo glad i don't have to do that anymore!" Then i started to think how close it is to school starting back & how weird it will feel when i don't have to wake up anymore just to get ready for school! I will love that feeling when that day comes!
♡ So the other day, Brooklyn finally busted her nose! :( It bled, and bled, and bled. If you know me personally, you will know that i am EXTREMELY squemish! I hate the thought of blood, even the sight of a paper cut! Thank GOD that it didn't break her nose. You can only imagine my reaction when i saw the blood..... I cried & cried, longer than she did actually. She only cried for maybe 5 minutes. She somehow tripped over her own foot & smacked into my dresser. I felt horrible! :( Now she has a big scratch on her nose.
♡ So i made my decision on selling avon. I'm going through with it. My boyfriend's sister (who is my upline) is coming over tomorrow for my meeting (i think that's what shes coming for?) but hopefully this time i won't get jipped on my money & now that i have a bank account, things will go much smoother than the last time. I haven't heard anything back from hometown pizza about my application, so i'll probably go in sometime this weekend to put in another one! hahaha i know the manager pretty well but everyone tells me to just keep putting applications in til i hear back, so that's what i'm going to do! So my laptop has been acting up on me lately, so i need someone to help me with restoring it! It didn't come with a restore disk so my older brother said that if it didn't come with a restore disk then it should give you the option to do so. Well i need to find that option. I saved all my important files like my pictures & everything, that way i dont have to worry about losing them, & i already have all my music on CDs. So hopefully my laptop will run much better once i find out how to find that restore option. If you know how to, then please let me know. I have a HP if that makes any difference.
♡ Well that's all i have to blog about so Follow Me!! ♥ xoxox Amanda

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