Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hoping For A Miracle

*Hey Everybody. Things have been better since my last entry. My "cabin fever" has slowly gotten better. I found a way to concentrate my mind a lot better; Super Mario Wii. You would think that Brooklyn would keep me busy & up on my feet, well when she gets her belly full & a nice diaper change, her mind is set nothing but on playing with her toys (she's easily amused). Plus she gets a kick at watching me play! Yesterday I heard some good news. A woman had told my boyfriend last week that a guy was selling his wife's car (who has passed on) & whenever I went to pick him up from work (Friday) we had looked at it. Well yesterday, the woman had told my boyfriend that there's nothing wrong with the car except that it needs a brake change, its just that he doesn't want to drive his wife's car. He's selling it for a GREAT price. So she said she would talk to the man about going to look at it (close up) on saturday... So hopefully everything goes well in that department!! Saturday, we're also going to talk to our previous landlord about some other apartments that are for rent to go look at. Let's face it, we can't live in my grandmothers house too much longer, their just going to have to sell it sooner or later anyways. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE living here, but my boyfriend wants to move out of family ties & back into our own world again. Which is much more peaceful. He's always moved where ever I wanted to, so I just want to make sure he's happy too. On another note;; Yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL summer day, perfect weather. Brooklyn & I walked to the bank, then we ran into my dad & he decided to give us a ride back home. After that we spent some time with my daddy & my little brother. A short while after we got home, my boyfriend comes in from work & believe it or not he bought me Pink Roses!!!! & for no reason what so ever! If you know my boyfriend personally, he's not that type of guy! :) I just didn't know what to say. I actually felt like I was important! :D. I need something to happen, not just anything but something fun, I haven't got to go out & just blow off some steam ever since graduation weekend. I miss my friends sometimes. I haven't been out in a while that I would feel guilty leaving Brooklyn behind, I would love to bring her along but I just need a break, at least just for a night. Mommy needs a break. Things are just getting so stressful & I don't have anything to be stressing over! I want to go on vacation, out of state for maybe just a weekend. Take some of my friends. I would hate to leave my baby girl behind though! That's a thing about having a child, it makes u feel guilty when u want to go out & blow off some steam. I really want a job but then again I want to stay home till Brooklyn gets a little bit older.
*So I've been considering selling avon again, to pick up at least a few extra bucks since my babysitter hunting isn't turning out that great. I HATE avon considering they jipped me out of my money (over 200$) but it did give me some money to work with. People say that money doesn't matter, well they need to wake up & smell some life cause in this century, money is your survival. I'm also considering creating an ebay store, since I have a few items to sell that Brooklyn doesn't need or use anymore. I still have my pictures on facebook if your interested in baby items. Guess I don't have much left to blog about. So don't forget to follow me!

xoxox<3 always amanda dawn

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