Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cabin Fever & What It Does

*Hey guys, i know that i haven't posted a blog in a few days, been really busy, plus my internet has been out due to electric problems the other day. Things have been pretty good, been taking Brooklyn to my church Vacation Bible School. She didn't get to go last night though, mainly because we weren't home at all yesterday and she was so tired. She would've been super cranky and everything. Yesterday we had to get up at 5:30 to take my boyfriend to work almost 20 miles away, then me and Brooklyn had a doctors appt. then we came home for 20 minutes to get something to eat, then had to leave again to take her to the babysitter then i had a female dr appt. at 1:30. Then after that appt, i had to go pick Brooklyn up, then had to run all the way back to my boyfriends work to pick him up. Trust me, the drive isn't pretty at all, takes about 30-40 minutes to get there. After we picked him up, we went grocery shopping. After we get home, my boyfriend decides that he wants to go frog giggin. He didn't even ask me if i had plans, or if i wanted to do anything with him first. Didnt even say bye, just walked out the door... I'm telling you, i'm about to go CRAZY in this house. I've been here 3 weeks and a day without going out, doing anything, with my boyfriend or my 'so called' friends. I've been here 24/7 with a cranky, sickish (was sick) wild, won't slow down for anything... baby. Last night, i got so upset that i couldn't do anything I don't know why, but i just broke down. I believe i have finally understood the definition of CABIN FEVER. I was thinking crazy thoughts, i was saying crazy things, i had a screaming baby who didn't want to go to sleep. I was about to lose my mind! I haven't seen or spent time with my boyfriend in over a week, because when he got home from work, i had to leave for VBS, whenever we have a night to spend time together for the weekend before he works his butt off, he decides to take off to frog gig. I'm soo lonely. Nobody to really talk to, nobody to really spend time with. My own daughter don't even wanna hug or kiss me anymore. Seems like i just can't do anything right. Its not fair! Being stuck in this house with NO way out is like being taken for hostage. I have NO car to go anywhere, to do anything! I know thats all i've been talking about for a week or so, but a car would be nice; just knowing that i can leave the house would make me feel better. But knowing that i CAN'T go nowhere, is the worst feeling ever. I don't complain i don't whine, i don't cry about how my life is. I wish it would be like to movies, the girl has a rough way to go and in the end she gets rewarded for her effort. Life's not like that at all.

-->By the way, i might have found a woman up the road that would let me babysit her three kids (heard she pays good) so hopefully i get a call later on today! Wish me luck!
Oh and P.S. If you have me on facebook, i will be posting up some pictures of baby items that im selling, that Brooklyn doesn't need or will never use, or haven't used, etc. So go check those pics out and let me know if your interested!

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