Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I'm Nothing But Tired

*Yesterday. I wasn't home for more than 20-30 minutes. I woke up about 11 am, then me & Brooklyn had to get ready to go to mcdonalds with my boyfriends mom & his two nieces. We left here at noon. Got something to eat, ate at the park & then played for a little bit. Brooklyn played in the dirt, mud, sand everything! Had it all over her & i can't stand a dirty baby haha (wish i had taken pictures.) So after we got home, i laid Brooklyn down for a nap, then jumped in the shower. After i got out it was already 3:00. So i decided to wake Brooklyn up & head down to the bank (they closed at 4) & put the rest of my money in a savings account! So my money is safe & isn't going to be touched unless i absolutely need it. The walk (which isn't about 10 min walk) was not fun! I had Brooklyn in a huge stroller pushing it up hills & downhills & it was just a mess! Even though i do need the exercise. But anyways, by the time we get home, it was 4:30 and as soon as i get into the door, my boyfriend shows up. So after i got everything put away & got Brooklyn a little snack. It was 5:00 which i had to get me & Brooklyn ready for VBS (Vacation Bible School.) at my boyfriends mom's church. It was Brooklyn's first VBS experience. & she was a tad cranky & irritable, but i could tell she was having a blast! I always had fun at VBS when i was little. It was a mess though. Jr's niece (youngest;2 almost 3) was in Brooklyn's class. Brooklyn was the youngest. So Brooklyn wasn't minding me at all, i was a helper in her class. & boy can i tell you i was WORE out by the time it was all over, running around after 6 1-3 year olds is a JOB!!!! It was outrageous!

There was one little boy who just took off running in the parking lot when we took the kids out to play. The lady chasing him was getting aggravated! hahaha. She had to warm up to the jumping and singing at first during song time! But tonight i think we're going to go to my church's VBS (theirs is this week too) that way me & Brooklyn can just switch off churchs everynight.

She had a blast! When we got home, Brooklyn was WORE out. She literally passed out before i even got her to her crib!!
After i put her to bed, i got the chance to make my sweetie pie, his father's day supper. Pork chops, corn & mashed potatoes. They were good! By the time i got to get in bed, my feet & my legs were killing me. The most i have done all summer pretty much. hahaha. That's why i never got to post a blog up yesterday! Thats pretty much all i have to blog about! Hope everybody is doing good.... OH!!! & i almost forgot!

-->If you live in my local area (and you know me personally) then let people know that i have considered to do a babysitting job (at my house). That way i can still work & make money but i can still be with Brooklyn all day, plus it would help her on her sharing skills (which we need to work on majorly!) & it would give her someone to play with during the day. So if you or anyone else you know is looking for a babysitter, please contact me on facebook. If you know me personally then you will probably be a friend of mine on facebook. So PLEASE PLEASE let me know!!! I'm in desperate need of a job!! :) Thank you!

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