Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

*Hope all the fathers out there had a good fathers day! :) I really didn't have the chance to make that special home cooked meal tonight. But on the other hand i had a pretty great day. Got to sleep in til noon then got up & got ready for my brothers cookout at 2. Brooklyn had a blast there! Plus their new place is AMAZING! Just makes me want a place of my own... but that day will someday come... i hope haha. Brooklyn would not stop running around in circles, plus she ate a ton of food!

I had a ton of fun today. Well after we got done at my brothers cookout, we went to my boyfriends mom & dads to see his dad for awhile! I was about to pass out i was so tired... Im gonna sleep good tonight & so is Brooklyn. Poor thing is worn out from playing. She hasn't had a nap all day except for maybe a 20 minute nap on the way to my boyfriends mom & dad's.
-->So tomorrow when i get the time, me & Brooklyn are going to walk to the bank, & the money that i have left of my graduation money, is going into a savings account, & maybe i can save up enough money the next couple months to think about getting me a car, then get a job. Hopefully that would solve a lot of my problems when it comes to worrying if & when i need to go out & run some errands. This summer has just been a BORING summer especially with no car throughout the whole day. Thats all i can think about after i graduated! Its crazy. But i don't know what else to blog about.... So like i said i hope everybody had a GREAT fathers day! Cherish the moments while you have them...

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