Friday, June 17, 2011

It Isn't Over Yet

*Today is just a long day, & its not every noon yet! Well i took Brooklyn to the dr this morning. She just has a nasty cold :( so they gave her some medicine to stop the coughing & the runny nose. So hopefully that will make her 100x better :) After her drs appt i went shopping & got a new outfit! :) Then after that me & Brooklyn went to burger king & i got her some lunch, she loves her kid meals :) On the way to my moms work early this morning, i gave Brooklyn her book to read in the car.. ha well it was the cutest thing ive seen

-->So lastnight Me, Nathan (Little Brother) & My boyfriend was playing volleyball outside. After i put Brooklyn to bed, i went back outside to continue playing. After my little brother went home, it all of a sudden decided to get dark. So we turned the back porch light on. Well right when i was going to pass the ball back to my boyfriend, my engagement ring decided it wanted to fly off my finger. I cried & cried thinking that i was never gonna see it again (mainly because it was my boyfriends mom's engagement ring & its been in the family ever since). Well when i got home today, i gave Brooklyn her medicine, laid her down for a nap, then went straight out to look for my ring... No luck. Well i got a bright idea to call my dad to see if we could use his metal detector to find it. My dad started looking & found my RING!!!! i was sooo excited! :D So i can't wait to tell the new to my Boyfriend whenever he calls on his lunch break :D My day is still not done. I have to go to my insurance place & update all my information, then have to go back to pick up my mom from work (since ive used her car all day) So hopefully it wears me out to the point where i sleep GREAT tonight :) Sunday we're heading to one of my older brothers new house for a cookout for THE BEST DADDY IN THE WORLD :) Sooo i think thats all i have to talk about...

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